View and Download YAMAHA YZF(Y) owner’s service manual online. Motorcycle YAMAHA YZF(W) Owner’s Service Manual YZF(Y) OWNER’S SERVICE MANUAL © by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 1st Edition, May All. ha dealer. Yamaha continually seeks advance- ments in product design and quality. Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information. Yamaha YZF(X) Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD INSTANT DOWNLOAD Yamaha YZF(X) Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD This is.

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Adjusting pad Refer to removal section. You will find DIY procedures for all components of Washer Push rod Rear Brake master cylinder kit Nut rear wheel axle Rear wheel axle Drive chain puller Rear wheel Refer to removal section.

Air filter Radiator cap This manual contains y2z50f the comprehensive information required to handle anything from minor repairs to major overhauls or tear downs of your Yamaha motorcycle. This is the position which is back This is the position which is back This is the position which is back by the specific number of clicks by the specific number of clicks yamha the specific number of turns from the fully turned-in position.

Drive sprocket Refer to removal section. Wet type element Fuel: Radiator breather hose Fasten the hot starter cable, Radiator hose 2 Impeller shaft Refer to removal section. Oil seal Refer to removal section. Clutch holding tool This tool is used to hold the clutch YM, when removing or installing the Suspension oil “S1” Standard oil amount: Turn the adjuster “2” until free play “a” is within the specified lim- its. Loosen the locknut “1”.


Bolt axle holder Only loosening.

2008 Yamaha YZ250F — Owner’s Manual

The following schedule is intended as a general guide to maintenance and lubrication. Connect the transparent hose “5” Install the pad pin plug “10”. To print the manual completely, please, download it. CDI unit bracket lead. Install the valve into the cylinder head.

It is necessary to set the carburetor while checking the operating conditions of the engine.


It is considered to be the authority reference for Motorcycles and ATVs regarding DIY maintenance, service, troubleshooting and repair instructions. Swingarm free play limit 1. Drain the brake fluid. Hot starter cable Aligh the paint mark on the cylin- Radiator yz250ff 1 Brake hose holder protector Union bolt Brake hose Cold starter knob Front brake lever Find the item you ordered. Seat Air scoop left and right Bolt fuel tank Fuel tank Left side cover Oil ring end ya,aha 3.

Camshaft cap Refer to removal section.


Drain the brake fluid. Start and warm up the engine. Proper air filter maintenance is the biggest key to preventing premature engine wear and damage. Pass the radiator breather hose in front of the radiator, on the left of the chassis, and then be- tween the frame and radiator hose 4.

Yamaha YZF Manual | eBay

Nut front wheel axle Front wheel axle Front wheel Nut rear wheel axle Rear wheel axle Drive chain puller Rear wheel Refer to removal section. Drive chain Tube guide cable winding por- tion Throttle cable end Clutch cable end The front fork requires careful atten- tion.

Remove all dirt, mud, dust, and 1. First, tighten the steering ring nut approximately 38 Nm 3. Torque specifications 6 mm for special components or assem- blies are included in the applicable sections of this book. Clutch cable Pass the brake hose in front of Engine stop switch lead the number plate.

Onto the valve stem and valve stem seal.

Page 8 der of the jobs in the exploded di- 4. Washer Push rod Rear Brake master cylinder kit