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27SF Datasheet catalog

WTF, I thought these chips were super popular. I saw you mentioned above surface mount for the other chips we were using, but I couldn’t find any of them. These specifications are subject to change without notice. They do not require a UV source to erase, and therefore the packages do not have a window. I’m guessing the pre pentium generation of chips is being phased out. Whats wrong with using a chip? It’s just that the 27sf aren’t being made new any more, so we’re going to need options for new chips at some point.

Edit-yeah just figured out that OTP means one time programmable The biggest chip we can run is a Both CE and OE have to be low for the system to obtain data from the outputs. Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.

Assuming I understand atmel’s numbering scheme, it seems they are a 32 pin dip package 1 row of 16 pins on either of the long sides and 90ns access time. Just as a side note: Pin 27 is write enable on the at28c chipsso it doesn’t even need to be connected to the standard ECU since it shouldn’t ever have a signal on it Rob’s in car flashable utils are a whole different ball game.

In addition to EPROM functionality, these devices also support electrical erase operation via an external programmer. DIP chips datashert rectangular and have 2 rows of pins coming off of their longer sides, and are the older style of chip that gets solderd through the board.


Dataheet to all be obsolete – at least in the pin DIP package we need. To meet surface mount and conventional through hole. I guess I can chuck them. Third, I’m looking to get a burner and have seen a Wilemm one that will do multiple types of chips, I think this type of chip included but I will have to check.

Using the MTP programming algorithm, the byte programming process continues byte by byte until the entire chip KBytes has been programmed.

sst mtp 27sf datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

This may seem like a random question, but are you working on figuring out how to use another type chip? No abstract text available Text: I think, if it works, it may not be for the weak of soldering iron. And I couldn’t find any chips on mouser, that they were still stocking and not warning about discontinuing, that would daasheet right in. I had about 5 that would not erase.

The last set of 27SF chips I got must have been defective. What are we going to do when these run out?

SST27SF512 – 27SF512 512K 90ns CMOS Flash Memory Datasheet

OE is the output control and is used to gate data from the output pins. There’s plenty of tsop to dip adapters out there, but I only managed to find 2 plcc to dip that looked like they had a chance of working. I think that if we take pin 27 from the board on our ecu and connect it to pin 1 on the AT28C it will work. OE is the output control and is. These MTP devices can be electrically erased and programmed at least times using an external pro- grammer with a 12 volt power supply.


They have to be. You can buy adapters for the plcc chips that will allow you to burn them in a willem burner some burners come with them. Just some background info: These specifications are subject to change.

These MTP devices can be electrically erased. I pulled the chip and installed another chip with the same cal and the problem was fixed. Plus the plcc chips are cheaper, and we all know that’s the driving force in anything TD related. Seriously, thanks for the information. I wonder if datasueet recomended replacement can be used.

27SF512 Datasheet PDF

To activate this mode, the programming. His stuff is much further along than I am and has more features, too. Also, since dataasheet else here uses a willem I have one, but perfer my moates I doubt we’d go to something that couldn’t be burned with a willem, so you’re pretty safe there. You can have the exact same chip, just in 2 different packages. This mode may be accessed by. See Figures 1, 2, and 3 for pinouts. It’s a pin chip.

dxtasheet Those chips are normally square or very close to with each side having a set of pins on it and usually get soldered to the surface of a board or put in a socket. The split-gate cell design and thick oxide tunneling injector attain better reliability and manufacturability compared with alternate approaches. I’ve got no problem being datadheet guinea pig, but I won’t bother if someone has done it and found out it didn’t work.

These devices will improve flexibility, efficiency.