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Repairing a Sansui G The finals, though, is not where he allegedly has the problem. Parts Express has the NTE parts.

2SAY NTE Equivalent NTE T-PNP SI-VERT OUTPUT – Wholesale Electronics

So it is up to the characteristics being audio-friendly. Forward current transfer ratio hFEmin: Due to the cost of the parts involved and the uncertainty that substitutes will work with long term reliability, I am reluctant to take on the project. Anon6f72b to Anonb Anon Jun-7 1: I used them in the ’70s. There are people that argue that matching isn’t critical if emitter resistors are employed.

(PDF) 2SA968 Datasheet download

Anonb to daveinpoway Anon Jun-8 3: There is evidence that the Darlington pairs had been replaced with substitutes fresh solder, part numbers differ from schema. The other option is to go with all NTE parts, at the risk of investing parts and labor, only to have it sound bad, or worse, blow up again. Obviously, certain critical parameters have to be met, but even then, operating something close the edge could still lead to early failures.


Went to an MJ, and they lasted a tad over 10 years. Shorted outputs, shorted drivers and pre drivers. It’s rare to find any Sankens that are NOT counterfeit parts these days.

If you’re trying to repair some older solid state devices, good luck in finding germanium components. One circuit I worked on used to use an MJ I purchased transistors from Mouser and spend an hour grading and marking them all. And yes, there were several circuits where I ran into troubles, as they were “close”, but not exact.

Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy If not, this could be a reason why the original repair only lasted a month.

2SA Datasheet(PDF) – New Jersey Semi-Conductor Products, Inc.

NTE has a horrid datasjeet among repair circles and I like to avoid it. The Pd is the same for the replacement pair specified, are the device pinouts.

Some of the alternatives are not that great lower SOA, current rating, etc. They were “ok”, but very expensive when compared to the real thing. Perhaps things have changed, but, when I used to use NTE substitutes, I never had a bad one out off the datasheey and none of them failed after being installed. I’ve seen that with 6. But yes, the hFE should be close for each group. Anonb Anon Jun-7 I think it ran right at the limit of current.


If transistors are in parallel, they need to be matched, in order to ensure that they share the load. I’ve already sunk several hours in researching these discontinued parts.

I’m not comfortable with this situation, but he’s a regular customer and I don’t want any bad blood for refusing to work with him on this one. The originals are 25W dissipation, while the substitutes are 20W dissipation. The O and Y are grades, as another person mentioned above.