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Thanks for the tips. May 29, at 6: May 29, at 7: You must log in or sign up to reply here. It would be pretty simple to increase bias some so as to drop the input impedance further. Thanks for the help. Post 8 of Post 4 of I posted a thread on this a little while back which included a board layout picture.

Here are some pics of the board. There are improved variations on this, as it was really just posted to get people thinking, but this is probably the simplest it datasheeet get while still offering good performance. I agree with cetoole. After bypassing the electrolytics in the power supply and adding damping to the chassis I tackled the analog stage.


2SD Datasheet PDF –

May 11, at 7: Is there somewhere where we can buy PCBs of discrete analog stages? May 30, at I would like to try better transistors. I seem to remember Garbz posted pictures of his Pass 2ss1944 variant on here; 2zd1944 forget if he had board images though. Post 12 of Post 7 of Current or voltage output? May 11, at 2: The PCB set is 18 Euro, and he can supply parts as well.

Need help for transistors upgrade

Post 11 of Too expensive mod compared to the DAC performance, unless there are some great and cheap good analog stages. Well, there’s always the LC Audio Zapfilter http: You should be able to easily trace the output RCA back to the opamp. This isnt for the schematic I am currently working on, but should be pretty good. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


2SD1944 Datasheet

Post 1 of Sometimes I can hear noise when the player is searching for a track, but the increase in sound quality is worth it. Then I took the output straight off the opamp, thru two huge solen caps, straight to the output jacks, effectively bypassing the stock caps, resistors, and muting transistors. Post 14 of No, create an account now. Post 10 of May 29, at 3: If you can etch your own board, or use protoboard, you could build some of the stages pretty easily.

Supposed to be really good and cheap I performed a similar mod on a Sony DVD player.

I would definitely recommend getting a schematic if possible before just shotgunning parts out. I will post some pictures of the board. May 11, at satasheet Do you already have an account?