IBM’s Relative Performance (rPerf) metric is a great tool for comparing commercial workload performance between different Power System servers. It’s often. This post outlines a recent Nigel Griffiths tweet about estimating rperf for your LPAR. Read on to find out more. Articles on IBM AIX performance including server throughput, system performance and IBM AIX commands.

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You have to be realistic and understand that you will need to be able to move up to later levels of software and firmware to take advantage of improvements.

I have done this sort of exercise myself in the past. There are many pitfalls in using benchmarks in computer sizing endeavors. If you are break just one or two and then only a little bit then you never know – “you might get lucky”.

AIX Live Update with More Articles From Tom Farwell. Read The Current Issue: This is the configuration used in working out rPerfs and unused DIMM slots or minimum memory will reduce performance.

X We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. But I hope this blog entry will help every one to either get it right first time or at least set realistic expectation and outline some prime areas that will need investigation to realise benefits, thanks Nigel Tags: This is normal tuning like disk queue depth, memory use, large network packets.


The rperf numbers are only available for certain number of CPUs. Find the duplicate idea: This is because the doubling of transactions may be based on doubling the number of threads of work rather than doubling the speed of each thread.

For workload migrations and server consolidation projects, rPerf data is frequently used for CPU sizing. We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website. Disk Flash Servers Software Tape. Disk Flash Servers Software Tape.

Computer benchmark metrics usually measure speed response time–how fast did the workload complete or throughput workload transactions per unit time. Firmware is Current – The firmware includes the Hypervisor and this has many performance enhancement tweaks and often based on field experience that you need working for you. Latest AIX with Service Packs – like all benchmarks, the best operating system version is used to get those latest performance fixes and improvements.

Having this comprehensive set of information makes it easier to estimate the commercial workload CPU performance for any Power Systems server. Many benchmarks exist for comparing servers, so why did IBM create the rPerf measurement?

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Recent AIX version are much better out of the box but the basics still need to be monitored and checked. Numerous benchmark programs are in use today. Well tuned system – not out of the box settings. Specifically, a computer benchmark is a computer program that performs a strictly defined workload set of operations and returns some form of measurable result i. Nor can IBM promise that specific updates will fix all known problems in the universe. Running industry benchmarks can be very expensive.


If you want to know what rperf used to work out your rating use: Simply stated, benchmarking refers to running a set of programs on various computer and network configurations and measuring the results. How will the script get updated?

IBM Systems Magazine – The rPerf Benchmark

Note that rPerf can only be used for making comparisons within Power servers. The performance capabilities of an server requires systematic work to unleash the full performance potential of rpeff underlying computing platform. In addition, most benchmark rules require that the full benchmark be run and fully documented for each published data point.

The official rPerf numbers for current and older machines can be tperf here: We use cookies to optimize your visit to our website.

Particularly, take and early opportunity to apply the first two updates after the initial release.