For example: the name 30x 30x is more than a name, it’s an approach to breaking down a big Copyright © – Amy Hoy. I’ve been on the edge about whether to register for Amy Hoy’s 30x course (I’m from India so it’s a LOT of money). As a developer, I’ve heard. This is a testament to the 30x approach: it forces product Sales Safari is what Amy Hoy—the method’s inventor—calls “net ethnography.”.

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Run your entire business with Zoho One. How do billionaires make their first billion? What things they ask help for.

How to create products people want

Scott has led product design for products used by millions of users in a variety of areas, including video sharing, entertainment, and consumer mobile apps. How can I make thousands of dollars? The methodologies seem different too. I wrote a complete review of 30x at Should You Take 30x? How does your audience see the world?

There are also audiences full of people who suffer many problems and simply muddle through, silently. You find how you can help people and then you help them, then you get people on your list, and you naturally get SEO in the process, people who love you helping them, then you build a product that you know they’ll buy because you’ve been helping them and understanding their pain points. Sometimes they are scattered inside other, slightly more general forums.


The quick-and-dirty of the Any story is that she lived with the villagers, asked about their lives, and listened to their stories—many of which were later revealed to have been made up by her teenage subjects. Picking an audience you identify with Finding out where they lerk online.

It places the work of coming up with 30×00 ideas on your potential customers, and lays a foundation for repeatable success. And, applied over time, Sales Safari will help you track how your audience gradually changes. You literally have access to the entire internet to find people in a particular audience.

How to create products people want – O’Reilly Media

Start with an idea out of thin air Get 3 of your friends to give you money for your idea. You can also read Amy Hoy’s blog http: What are they writing in customer support emails or product reviews? So you have to be really, really careful when looking at your target market. How do I make my first million dollars with my skills?

Or college students, except for the most demanding and valuable majors engineering, science, law, etc which attract those with drive and money. How does it help you to create products that will be used by more than just a few people?

30s500 Close reading, when used to understand an audienceuncovers a series of data points that will begin to form patterns. Because this observation enlightens us about two really important things: And, to be honest, this is hard work. Do they buy on value?

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When did you make your first billion? What forums, mailing lists, and link-sharing sites do they frequent? How did you make your first million dollars? Pages upon pages of the internet will be scoured. Pain and problems—revealed by observation and empathy. Hours will tick by.

Amy quit her last very cushy job inopened up a consultancy for Fortune companies, and then threw that all out the window to start wmy product biz after procrastinating for years. She took these stories at face value instead of observing their behavior.

Not everyone wants to actually fix their problems — sometimes they just want to bitch. Sincewe have taught nearly students from around the world how to build and launch a product busines.

Summary of Is 30x Academy right for me? – Commoncog

Sounds like you have an endless source of product ideas upon which to build. How they help others. How did you make your first thousand dollars? Come meet a communty of your peers at the next event!