Antz Novie Script by Todd Alcott Chris Weitz Paul Weitz – Screenplay and Movie Scripts. Movie Script – A N T Z . One worker ants slips, and the boulder rolls down, crushing his leg. Z looks back, and sees the ants behind staring at him angrily. Antz. Script Library >> Antz. Synopsis: A rather neurotic ant tries to break from his Writer(s): Todd Alcott (screenplay), Chris Weitz (screenplay), 1 more credit?.

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I’m so meaningless, I’m invisible. He was just a worker then. And when we’ve completed this magnificent structure, we will reap screenplay benefits: Hang in there, buddy. At least, they seem to have some fun every now and then. The little guy made it! You know, I– I wear many hats.


I know almost exactly what I’m doing. Weaver, you can’t hold it alone. You can’t understand till you go there and see it yourself.

But in spite of your limitations, you are going to finish this tunnel on schedule. Can somebody help me here? They’re screeenplay times our size. I’m sor– I’m sorry. We are the heroes. Hey, leave the pessimism to me, okay?

We rebuilt the colony. But now, you’re a war hero. There is a better place– Insectopia. At hours, we received word that the termite enemy has mobilized. I want my daughter back. Z is no hero. Why are you stalking me?

Scripts On The Net – Antz, by Todd Alcott & Chris Weitz & Paul Weitz – Read The Screenplay

Don’t let me– Don’t let me go, Z. I was in the neighborhood and I thought I’d drop in. What do you say we help your attitude a little bit What about the new guy? We need more wood.


But, listen, you can And I don’t like you. What a nice surprise. Ah, don’t get all sappy about it. You come right back down here this instant.

Just a moment please Me, I’m cutting loose.

Antz Script | Scripts on Screen

I mean, she probably won’t even remember you. But the point is, I’m convinced the place definitely exists. He– He keeps talking about I scteenplay, if this Z cares so much about us, then why isn’t he here? Oh, my big, strong pheromone factory.