Aptilo SMP Wi-Fi is the world’s #1 system for large-scale Wi-Fi service control. Aptilo SMP IoT is a Aptilo products. Aptilo SMP Aptilo Access Controller. The world’s #1 Wi-Fi service control solution. Enabling + million users. Proven in large-scale deployments with + operators in more than 75 countries. The Aptilo Access Controller is purpose-built for access control, usage monitoring and policy enforcement in Wi-Fi networks. It can lookup policies from AAA and.

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Alvarion Technologies is a global provider of autonomous Wi-Fi networks designed with self-organizing capabilities that enable constantly optimized performance.

An AC for every need The AC software can be installed on standard hardware, from the smallest flash-based thin clients handling user sessions up to large blade server systems handling up to 3. Create config files in a snap with the Aruba Solution Exchange.

Together with the Service Profiles defined in the Acess Service Management Platform SMP the AC constitutes a powerful tool for handling differentiated service bundles with prioritization of traffic on the user level.

The EYE network management suite combines performance, fault, and inventory management through a single user interface. As intelligent tablets and smartphones become primary contdoller and computing platforms for business, new risks are introduced that traditional mobile device management strategies cannot address.

Examples of value added functionality that the Aptilo AC can bring include:.

Route through VLAN 60 defined outside the main service and prioritized on the same level. Access product support, discussion forums, expert articles and more. This ensures that there is ckntroller capacity left for e.

Doing so enables operators to minimize capacity issues in dense urban areas without compromising the functionality that subscribers expect from their cellular network. The companies intend to market the solution globally.

Management | Aruba

Secure enterprise-grade connectivity and superior quality of service QoS ensure the fidelity and security of all data and always-on service for dynamic multimedia applications such as multicast video, Apple Face Time and SIP voice over IP.


Load Balancer, Traffic node and Backup node. Give your customers the best experience for GenMobile.

Securities and Exchange Commission. Aptilo Access Controller Wi-Fi network access control, monitoring and policy enforcement.

Product configuration made simple.

To receive Alvarion’s press releases please contact Sivan Farfuri, sivan. Wi-Fi network access control, monitoring and policy enforcement.

Aptilo Access Controller | ARRIS

Aptilo has a proven interoperability with vendors in the wireless echo-system and a multitude of interfaces and APIs for seamless integration to external systems of choice. All other names are or may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

See Alvarion on LinkedIn. This type of hybrid deployment can bring the best of two worlds altilo. This information may not be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Alvarion dontroller its subsidiaries or affiliates. Alvarion makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents of this press clntroller, and specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

Targeted at the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and logistics industries, SOTI products are used by over 80, customers in countries to reduce the costs associated with supporting a mobile field-force.

Please see the Investor section of the Alvarion website for more information: It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Their Wi-Fi Service Management Platform helps controkler leverage Wi-Fi to deliver better subscriber experiences, reach, network availability and service offerings.

By redirecting traffic from mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices ckntroller and providing a means to charge for Wi-Fi usage — carriers can take full advantage of Wi-Fi services over a robust, carrier-grade convergent solution that works harmoniously with existing mobile infrastructure.

August 28 Connecting the Next Billion ARRIS has selected best-of-class vendors, like Aptilo, and pre-integrated their products with our own control systems to provide a best-of-breed service-provider class Wi-Fi solution. Entuity is a leading provider of innovative sccess solutions that enable enterprises, system integrators, and MSPs to manage network services and assets, meet service level commitments, implement best practices in service delivery, and even develop and monitor Green IT initiatives.

Privacy policy Terms of service Site Map Legal. The tightly integrated access control, policy control, and transaction accesx integrated with existing management and accounting systems to fast-track service provider deployments with minimal impact on applications already in use.


Aptilo Access Controller Data sheet

Founded inAlepo is a leading provider of revenue and subscriber management, accesd core evolution, carrier Wi-Fi, mobile data offload, and fixed-mobile convergence for communications service providers worldwide. For more information, please visit http: Listed below the Service 2: Device-centric centralized management controls total bandwidth usage per acccess or device, scaling easily to support new IP address assignments, while providing centralized device inventory management.

Increasing network capacity becomes a simple task of adding a Traffic node and including it in the round robin distribution list. It dynamically handles user sessions, QoS and routing from the local network to the Internet. Alvarion Technologies Global Headquarters: The resulting solution provides automated discovery of network infrastructure inventory, helping users maintain an up-to-date knowledge base of the network from the core to the edge. This solution helps operators cultivate a new source of revenue by encouraging new and existing subscribers to purchase Wi-Fi access services.

For more information, please visit www. A service can be automatically throttled down to a certain capacity if the pre-paid quota has been depleted to a specified level. Axcess make it simple and rewarding. Alepo HotSpot Manager 8. The wireless tunnel includes rich metadata for each packet including data rate, signal strength, and spatial stream values. Information set forth in this press release pertaining to third parties has not been independently verified by Alvarion and is based solely on publicly available information or on information provided to Alvarion by such third parties for inclusion in this press release.

Examples of value added functionality that the Aptilo AC can bring include: Standard Servers single server or blade server with at least two physical network interfaces.