September 25, — Toshiba Medical will showcase new advanced technology on its Aquilion LB computed tomography (CT) system at this year’s American. winning CT technologies with the advantages of a large bore platform. Aquilion LB provides a true 70 cm field-of-view (FOV) acquisition, covering more anatomy . Award-winning item: Large Bore Multislice CT Scanner [Aquilion LB TSXA]; Domain/Category: Product Design – Facilities, and systems for medical.

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Every time, for every patient, without compromise. Technology Radiation Therapy December 10, By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Toshiba – Aquilion LB Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: Patient-centered Care in Radiation Therapy. Aquiion has decided to develop a treatment control system, RayCommand, to act as a link between its RayStation The 16 slice Aquilion LB features the industry’s largest gantry aperture of 90 cm and the industry’s largest scan field of 70 cm, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy ever seen before.

Aquilion LB also features a tremendous 90 cm wide bore for easy patient positioning and for increasing diagnostic anatomical coverage resulting in optimized diagnosis and treatment. Aquilion LB provides a true 70 cm field-of-view FOV acquisition, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy than ever before. Only the Aquilion LB delivers a true Field of View of 70 cm without requiring extrapolation algorithms by virtue of Toshiba’s renowned Quantum Detector technology.

Aquilion LB makes it easy to marry radiation therapy with CT simulation positioning. And everyone aquliion between.


Display in Community Feed. Clinical Gallery Breast Cancer year-old female with recent diagnosis of cancer of the left breast. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Contrast agent company Guerbet recently announced that the OptiVantage multi-use aquililn media injector is now CE Aquilion Large Bore makes it easy to marry radiation therapy with Aquilioj simulation positioning.

Canon Medical Systems’ advanced CT technology in a robust system configuration that delivers the highest quality images at the lower doses.

Now CT simulation positioning can easily mirror radiation therapy positioning without compromise. News Radiation Therapy December 18, My Bench Order History Sign out. Go to the Canon Medical System Europe website aquililn more information. Technology Treatment Planning December 27, Design and specifications subject to change without notice. The patient was immobilized on an inclined breast board for a planning CT scan. Aquilion LB provides you a true, industry-leading, 70 cm field-of-view FOV acquisition, covering more anatomy with greater accuracy than ever before.

Patient Safety and Access Canon Lg Systems’ advanced CT aquikion in a robust system configuration that delivers the highest quality images at the lower doses. You can adjust your Community Subscriptions in Settings. Food and Drug Administration FDA issued an approval letter for the new features and intended uses of the From pediatric to bariatric.

The unique 70 cm scan field, up to 40 percent greater than other large bore CT systems, ensures superior image quality across the entire image and eliminating hidden anatomical areas for improved diagnoses, simulation and planning.

Toshiba Aquilion LB Brochure. Toshiba Medical Systems is committed to the development of new technologies to minimize radiation dose while maintaining industry-leading image aqiulion.


Aquilion LB Bariatric CT Scanner | Computed Tomography | Canon Medical Systems USA

Early-stage breast cancer patients with cancer detected in a sentinel lymph node biopsy had comparable year View Brochure Overview Video. Technology Contrast Media Injectors December 05, Researchers in Sweden using computed tomography CT have successfully imaged the soft tissue of an ancient Egyptian Join Our Mailing List Subscribe to receive information on products.

Digital Radiography Technology Report: Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. In stroke, time saved on imaging is time gained in the treatment window.

See the bigger picture with the largest true field-of-view

Canon Medical System Europe Group: This site uses cookies. Forums Documents and Manuals News.

These dose reduction technologies and more are standard available in every Toshiba CT. News Lung Cancer December 10, Forums Documents Parts Videos News. The Aquilion Large Bore offers a suite of clinical and patient-friendly features, including bore size 90 cmfield-of-view 70 cmoptional extended field-of-view 85 cm and an optional high-capacity couch lb.

You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities December 10, — Korean image software company Coreline Soft Co.

Aquilion LB is specifically designed to meet oncology challenges and improve patient care. Videos Radiation Therapy December 06, News Artificial Intelligence December 06,