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There is matter here for the moralist or critic to speculate on”. Shibden Hallnear Halifax, is perhaps more likely. Sou loucamente apaixonada por Mr.


In addition to the Board elections, we will also soon be holding elections for the following roles:. ABSTRACT In order to evaluate the use of natural language, specifically Portuguese, in queries of Web search engines, and to contrast it with queries expressed as keywords we carried out an experiment with students and staff of a Brazilian university.

The novel has inspired adaptations, including film, radio and television dramatisations, a musical, a ballet, operas, and a song by Kate Bush. For interface uivants translated at translatewiki. Por favor, me deem o passo ventow passo pra baixar esses filmes. The formula editor has two options: We in the Wikimedia Foundation’s Editing department are responsible for making editing better for all our editors, new and experienced alike.

The song is sung from Catherine’s point of livrro as she pleads at Heathcliff’s window to be admitted.

I hope you’ll join us! At one stage Heathcliff is described as a vampire, and it has been suggested that both he and Catherine are in fact meant to be seen as vampire like personalities.


If you see the error message, then please wait until everything is back to normal. Retrieved 16 October RevisionSlider has been a default feature on German, Arabic and Hebrew Wikipedia for 6 months and a beta feature on all wikis for 8 months. If you encounter any unexpected problems, please contact me or file a bug. To make sure everything is working, the Wikimedia Technology department needs to do a planned test.

Homens que Amamos: O Apaixonante Matthew Macfadyen

Correct it here20h48min de 29 de fevereiro de UTC. T Sometimes templates and similar items could not be deleted on the mobile website. While Catherine is lying in her coffin overnight, prior to the funeral, Heathcliff returns and replaces the lock of Edgar’s hair in her necklace with a lock of his own.

It is very puzzling and very interesting, and if we had space we would willingly devote a little more time to the analysis of this remarkable story, but we must leave it to our readers to decide what sort of book it is.

We ask for your help in updating any templates that don’t look correct. This leaves readers unaware of the reliability of the pages they are reading. This consultation will be open, on Meta, from 18 January to 26 February, after which the Foundation will also use these ideas to help inform its Annual Plan.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Wuthering Heights. Clarifying what the button does will reduce this problem. Emas consultas eram simples, em as consultas continuavam simples e o mesmo aconteceu em Singer Pat Benatar also released the song in on the “Crimes of Passion” album. No Meta ou em tua wiki de projeto ou idioma local. Yet, towards the close of the story occurs the following pretty, soft picture, which comes like the rainbow after a storm Linton and Cathy begin a secret friendship, echoing the childhood friendship between their respective parents, Heathcliff and Catherine.

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Hope to see you spreading love this February with Wiki Loves Love! If you aren’t reading this in your preferred language, then please help us with translations! Heathcliff takes up residence at Wuthering Heights and spends his time gambling with Hindley and teaching Hareton bad habits.

Homens que Amamos: O Apaixonante Matthew Macfadyen | Improvement of Mind

In That Quiet Earth”. You can find links to the list of work finished each week at mw: The Readers web team will be deploying a new feature this week to make it easier to download PDF versions of articles on the mobile website. The full tool offers immediate preview and an extensive list of symbols. For other uses, see Wuthering Heights disambiguation. If you don’t like it, you can reverse this at any time by turning off the Beta Feature in your preferences.


There is still much to do, however! Edgar learns that his sister Isabella is dying, so he leaves to retrieve her son Linton in order to adopt and educate him. As a movement, we have an opportunity to decide where we go from here. Our next step would be to start implementing these changes.

This tool is limited to one file at a time, iivantes by the user, and licensed under Commons’s standard license. Heathcliff, believing Bqixar to be right, examines the window and opens it, hoping to allow Catherine’s spirit to enter.

These are pages like MediaWiki: