The U22 Neos is a fun rimfire pistol best for plinking and informal shooting. The ambidextrous manual safety can be engaged with the firing pin cocked or. Search for and download free user manuals for Beretta products. Beretta U22 Neos Instruction Manual Beretta Model Jetfire Instruction Manual. Beretta Owner’s Manual Pistol model U22 NEOS Reviews. Back to Beretta Owner’s Manual Pistol model U22 NEOS.

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Be certain that each round you use is in the proper caliber or gauge and type for the particular firearm. This will release the rear sight blade, which can then be lifted out betetta its seat. Due to the variability and many types of 22LR ammunition on the market, you will find that your pistol may function more reliably with certain types of ammunition.

Replace the empty magazine in the pistol. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure. Remove the magazine from the pistol and empty it.

Retrieved 31 March After long use, it may be necessary to clean these parts first using a good quality cleaning brush. The red warning dot, which is exposed when the safety lever is rotated completely upward, indicates that the safety is off.

Full text of “Beretta U22”

M M38 M12 Mx4 Storm. If necessary, first clean the bore with a gun solvent. If the empty magazine is not inserted in the meos, manually engage the slide catch by pushing it upwards with the slide fully rearward. Bereta the indicator is not visible recessed into the rear of the receiverthe pistol is not cocked not ready to fire.

Retrieved 30 March Always keep your finger away from the trigger whenever you do not intend to fire.

Beretta U22 Neos

The use of reloaded or remanu- factured ammunition can increase the likelihood of excessive cartridge pressures, casehead ruptures or other defects in the ammunition which can cause damage to maunal firearm and injury to yourself or others nearby. The pistol is sleek, balances well, is very accurate, and points naturally. Views Read Edit View history. Maunal U22 NEOS pistols will automatically reload after each round is fired, as long as there are cartridges in the magazine.


Only use factory-loaded, new ammunition manufactured to industry specifications: Firing against an obstruction can rupture the barrel and injure yourself or others nearby. The magazine is a straight stack design, which will contain ten 10 rounds of 22 Long Rifle 22LR ammunition. Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.

Beretta UNeos Beretta U22 Neos User Manual Download

Retrieved 30 March A pistol can have a live round in the chamber and can fire even if the magazine is empty or has been removed. Steel gun safes may be more appropriate to reduce the likelihood of intentional misuse of a firearm by an unauthorized child or person.

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The firing pin and other components are replaced and tested. When you are shooting at a target, know what is behind it. Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury.

The Weaver-style rail incorporates a fully adjustable rear sight beregta a removable front sight. After ensuring that the chamber is empty, point the muzzle in a safe direction and decock the pistol by pulling the trigger.

Retrieved 25 March The figure numbers noted below refer to the photographs on pages 3, 1 2, 1 3, 37 and Beretta U22 Neos basic model; black with 4. If you miss your target or if the bullet penetrates the target, it is your responsibility to ensure that the shot does not cause unintended injury bdretta damage. A fiber-optic front sight is mounted on the barrel and the integral Weaver-style rail includes an aperture rear sight.


Clean and oil your firearm, following the instructions provided in this manual, after each use to prevent corrosion, damage to the barrel or accumulation of impurities which can prevent use of the gun in an emergency.

When company leaders asked themselves, ‘Where can we grow? Retrieved 21 March You beertta responsible for the proper care and maintenance of your firearm. Run a dry, lint-free cotton patch through the box. On 15 SeptemberBeretta announced a recall of the U22 Neos because some pistols may fire even if the safety is on, or when the safety is moved to the on position.

Any further disassembly is not recommended and should be done by a manuql gunsmith. Beretta released the U22 Neos Carbine Kit to convert the pistol into a long gun in Retrieved 27 March — via AL.

The grip and trigger guard assembly, made from fiberglass-reinforced u222 is attached to the receiver with a single bolt and can easily be removed and replaced with an accessory grip. National Rifle Association of America. Iron sightsWeaver rail mount. Mxnual the discontinuation of DLX models inBeretta has occasionally produced standard Neos pistols with colored grip inlays as dealer exclusive models. To reduce the risk of accidents involving children, unload your firearm, lock it and store the ammunition in a separate locked location.

The caliber or gauge of the firearm is clearly marked on the barrels of shotguns and on the slide or barrel of pistols.