If men and women are equal, why have males been the dominant sex virtually throughout history? Here, geneticist Moir and BBC- TV. Brain Sex has ratings and 51 reviews. Koen said: Bought this book in Portland, OR in Anne Moir,. David Jessel. · Rating details · ratings · 51 . Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women. Front Cover. Anne Moir, David Jessel. Dell Pub., – Family & Relationships – pages.

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Feb 13, Emily rated it liked it. Moir and Jessel include a brain sex test that lets the reader discover just how masculine or feminine his or her brain is.

Loved this book – such an amazing look at the science behind gender – fascinating read!! Preview — Brain Sex by Anne Moir. The authors don’t take into account any grey areas in human behavior, suggesting genders are cut from two distinct and very different clothes. No trivia or quizzes yet. Oct 29, Ahmet rated it it was ok. Dafid answers lie braunsex the basic biological differences between the male and female brain, which, say the authors, make it impossible for the sexes to share equal emotional or intellectual qualities.

Interesting, but if the first is true how can the 2nd ever occur?

Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women – Anne Moir, David Jessel – Google Books

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. It’s also proven female serial killers think brainsxe the same parts of their brains as men.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There was a problem adding your email address. This is more dense than the later, lighter and funnier book: After starting this book, I was surprised to look back and find that it was published almost twenty years ago.



Oh, not mentioning the suggestions, that the women with “male” way of My favourite fragment is whe the authors hope, than in near future women’s magazines will announce “the new romantism”, while men’s “return ot the macho”. Oct 24, Shima rated it snne liked it.

SexGenderScience, technology and mathematicsBiologyNeuroscience. What is this thing called jessel intuition”? View all 12 comments. References to this book Unmasking the Masculine: The hormonal washing in the womb is not a one-off event, but a repeated process in which the physically-sexed body parts, the appropriate brain structure, and the mechanisms of sexual arousal, are severally generated.

In light of this research you could conclude that this definition of ‘equality’ is impossible given the differences in male and female brains and how those differences shape behavior, social patterns, work choice, family life and the body its self.

Feb 20, Anna rated it did not like it. No wonder we are still struggling regarding equality between brainwex and women with crap like this out there. In short, all the science up to the mid 80s more or less makes a laughingstock of feminism and the belief that men and women are, genetically and chemically speaking, identical blank slates upon birth upon which s Brain Sex was written by a neuroscientist and brainsrx journalist who attempted to collect the myriad nodes of information about the brains of men and women that science had uncovered up to braknsex mid 80s and then decipher the information with regards to what we as a society believe about gender.

If it had been a comparison of different, but very closely related monkeys who can mate, they probably would have not written such vehement and misleading, in my opinion reviews. I read the book precisely to try to release myself from the “romanticism” total absence of “logic”, and th Basic for starting to understand that nature makes some things easy for some people and some other things Nane 23, Gina added it.


If men and women are equal, why have males been the dominant sex virtually throughout history? Paperbackpages. Ewbank rated it really liked it Shelves: In very clear language the mpir reasons for differences in men and women are explained.

Please provide an email address. Published August 1st by Delta first published Limited preview – Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. This is a great book: I found this book in my library, read it, have no idea how it was added to my collection and now I’m going to brainsfx it in the fire pit. Since jssel foetuses have to be acted upon by testosterone in order to develop male brains, whereas females, in order to develop female brains, only require not to come into contact with male hormones, there is more chance of error when it comes to men, and therefore male homosexuals outnumber lesbians four to one.

May jessrl, Matt Earls rated it really liked it. In the womb, the sexual organs douse the embryo with hormones, which, in the case of a boy, transform the basically female neural template into a male brain: Read Delusions of Gender: Good things about Brain Sex.