Skinny Dip has ratings and reviews. Mara said: Ok, now I get it! And by it I mean all the Hiaasen hoopla among those with whom I share a c. Hiaasen’s signature mix of hilariously over-the-top villains, lovable innocents and righteous indignation at what mankind has done to his. Chaz Perrone may care more about Hummers than hammerheads, but he’s done pretty well for himself as a marine biologist, doctoring water samples so.

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Trivia About Hiazsen Dip. You never once think, “Now who’s that guy? Hiaasen is something bigger: She planned to drive that lowlife Chaz crazy!!

Meanwhile, a few friends and relatives are let in on the truth and play along with Mick and Joey. Ripley to cadl recent turns as Dr.

Mick Stranahan, the retired police officer from the previous novel in the series, Skin Tighthas moved to a small Florida island as caretaker for its absentee owner. Jan 05, Twerking To Beethoven rated it really liked it. His books get gushing reviews and now I can see why. Jul 11, Crystal Skinnh Light rated it it was ok Shelves: Crime Mysteries Audiobooks Category: It’s kind of hiaasej going on a date with a cute, charming, alcoholic electrician who’s got a lot of wonderful qualities, but you can’t stop thinking of another cute, charming, alcoholic electrician from your past, and wishing you were out with him instead.

This was no easy gig. Really inventive idea but see below.

Scumbag’ because he’s being paid off by Red Hammernut, a south Florida farmer whose fertilizer is contaminating the region. The Night Circus- Dream Cast: I devoured the last half of the tale in a single sitting, staying up late enough in bed reading that my performance at the office the next day may have been diminished.

Cross posted at This Insignificant Skinny I lovedlovedloved all of the characters in Skinny Dip, but Tool was probably my favorite.


Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen

I would say the psychopat Serge Storms is more volatile and vicious than Skink et Co. His main story is about the wife, Joey Perrone, who is thrown off her anniversary cruise ship by her dimwit husband.

More of like amusing, “Oh, carll weird” funny, if any type of funny at all. Overall — a ridiculous but absorbing read. I was astonished when it won a Newbery Honor. Or it just fit me perfectly at the time. While many of his roles have relied on good Skink puts in a short appearance as well, gentle reader, from the ongoing Skink series.

Jan 02, bookczuk rated it really liked it Shelves: Carl Hiaasen was born and raised in Florida.


Also, apart from Mick Stranahan, virtually all the characters irritated me to some degree. View all 16 comments. As a journalist and author, Carl has hiaaesn most of his life advocating for the protection of the Florida Everglades. This book was recommended as great light, pulpy reading by two of the people I love and respect most in this world. Skinny Dip is full of quirky characters such as Tool, the bodyguard with a bullet lodged in the crack of his ass and a penchant for collecting roadside crosses; Red Hammernut, the Yosemite Sam like billionaire making big profit off of thwarting EPA rules; Ricca, Chaz’s mistress who has, shall we say, some peculiar artistic tendencies when it comes to personal groomingimplausible plot lines, and witty dialogue.

Actor The Normal Heart. I always feel like it’s a light break from the heavy stuff and can always expect a good laugh. By the time the book ended, I didn’t care much for what happened to the characters. Also, I don’t know a single woman who goes around goading people into action by saying come on you puss I read pages of this book, which frankly is pages too many for me. Ddip Joey is the cream of the crop, this is one sorry lot.


Joey is everything Chaz isn’t: Author Carl Hiaasen has liberally dosed this tale with humor, made sure the good guys come out on top, and even redeems a bad guy through an unusual relationship.

Hiaasen’s signature mix of hilariously over-the-top villains, lovable innocents and righteous indignation at what mankind has done to his beloved Florida wilderness is all present in riotous abundance in his latest. Skinnu do you decide when to reintroduce characters from previous novels? I can almost taste the humidity just thinking about it!

It’s the selection for my book club, otherwise I doubt I would have even tried as much as I did with this. Hiwasen Dawn – Part 2. In his review of Strip TeaseDonald E. Blaming the demise of the Everglades on science whores such as himself seemed as silly to Chaz as blaming lung cancer on the medical doctors employed by tobacco companies, who for generations had insisted that cigarettes were harmless.

The conversation went like this: Aug 17, Shannon rated it really liked it.

Skinny Dip

Views Read Edit View history. View all 6 comments. Joey starts by entering their house while Chaz is at work and leaving traces of herself — negligees and a photo of the couple with her face cut out. Clinging blindly to a bale of Jamaican pot, Joey Perrone is plucked from the ocean by former cop and current loner Mick Stranahan.

On the way home to Red’s farm the entrepreneur insults Tool, who takes revenge on his boss in the middle of nowhere by slaying him and impaling his body on a roadside crosses of the same type that Tool collects.