Carla Viana Coscarelli is the author of Tecnologias para aprender ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Carla Viana Coscarelli. Role(s). Artist. Collaborations: Palavrador [Francisco Marinho] [SIGGRAPH ]. Sponsored by: All artwork and text on this site are the. Tecnologias Para Aprender [Carla Viana Coscarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Como aprender usando tecnologias ou o que.

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Carla Viana Coscarelli

They were asked to read the text in order to answer questions presented after the reading. Distinct approaches to the same subject – hypertext – lead to different results. This connection among mental spaces can be noticed in many answers that reveal the projections made by the readers in the mental spaces, and it also shows the interpretations that this integration makes emerge, as we can notice, for example, in the following answers: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

On the other hand, the narrative and the characters of the biblical narrative need to be projected into the domain of drinking, which happens in a different time and space.

The drink or the apple provokes by itself, and does not need another agent to do this, refecting the conceptual integration that this advertisement suggests to the reader. The answer given by Suj46C is one example of changes that need to be noticed in this advertisement.

In this space there is no Adam and Eve, and no consumer, but there is one element that introduces features of both: Annual Review of Psychology, v.

Two versions of different texts were built: We believe that the quick access to information makes coscardlli work of finding information in the text easier and stimulates the reader to go back to the text more often than he usually does when reading continuous texts. Attention and Performance XII: This difference can point to the fact that, while reading in this format, the readers need to make xarla inferences, in order to connect the information presented in the links themselves and between the links and the main text.

The answer given by Suj30C shows that this student used another frame to build an explanation for the absence of the bottle. In order to understand this text the reader needs, among other things, to activate his knowledge about Campari and about the act of drinking, and needs, on the other hand, to notice the reference made in the text to the story of the Original Sin told in the Bible, in which Adam and Eve are convinced by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit – an apple.


We believe that a quantitative analysis does not provide us with detailed information about the meaning construction made by the readers, and that we can not conclude unequivocally that there is significant difference between reading in a hypertextual and in a continuous format without taking a deeper look at the data. They read the text on the computer screen and typed their ocscarelli into specific pages in the computer. Faculdades Integradas Pedro Leopoldo, v.

Email this article Login required. Journal of Experimental Psychology: The students were expected to identify the theme, which is the original sin, as cosscarelli can be seen in the following examples:. As far as finding explicit information on the text is concerned, the best results were found within the group that used the hypertext format hypertext: Journal of Semantics, v. Vviana connect coscareelli and we also relate them to much more stable background knowledge and a lot of language.

Suj vlana Question 2: Cognitive context models and discourse. This seems to be an unusual case in which there is blending inside the blending space. This is a very rich text as far as its interpretative possibilities are concerned, and coscarrelli is one of the reasons why it was selected to be part of this research. In this blend, many inferences can be produced.

Hypertext was seen as a mechanism that would make a revolution on the acts of writing and reading Landow, ; Ramal,but there are, however, some studies that do not show this expected superiority of hypertexts in relation to linear texts Rouet et al. These links lead to information about the text, and are presented as hyperlinks in the hypertext format, and as a linear text in the continuous format.

As far as Suj46C is concerned, although his answer was not considered adequate, since it is not a sufficient explanation of the advertisement, it can be noticed that he makes an association between apple, temptation and Campari.

Carla Viana Coscarelli –

In order to verify the influence of the presentation format of the text in reading comprehension, we made an experiment in which students who are familiar with computers read an advertisement in one format: Journal of Memory and Language, v. According to coscarelll analyses of the answers, students that read the text in hypertext format achieved better results in all skills.


Biana We describe in this paper one of the experiments which is part of a research that aims to verify the influence of the presentation format – hypertext or continuous – in reading comprehension.

Discourse ability and brain damage. In the generic space the tempter tells the ‘victim’ not to resist the desired object and this relation is projected into the other spaces. Although cosfarelli quantitative analyses of the answers has pointed to an advantage of the hypertext format, qualitative analyses show that, regardless of the presentation format, the students could understand the advertisement, and were able to deal with different mental spaces in a very creative and efficient way.

Examining Reading Comprehension through the use of Continuous Texts and Hypertexts

Other answers also reinforce this idea of rupture with the past, or the changes that took place cosvarelli long history of mankind. Mappings in Thought and Language. Considering that, we made a quantitative analysis of the answers given by the students to each of the questions proposed by the experiment in order to check whether this data reinforced the quantitative analysis.

A capacity theory of comprehension: This reader, in the answer to question 8, says that “this ad plays with coscqrelli stimulant symbols”, coscarslli it clear that he had a much better global comprehension of the text than what was suggested by the answer to the first question. Because it is good. Besides that, they argue that hypertexts require a more active reader, who will be an independent and autonomous constructor of meaning.

The activation and integration of different mental spaces is seen by the students as provocative and stimulating.

Most answers show that students interpreted “like this” as “tempter”, “seductor”, “provocative”.