Documents Similar To James-Redfield-Vodič-kroz-celestinsko- proročanstvo. Celestinsko Prorocanstvo Iskustveni Vodic. Uploaded by. celestina Celestinsko proročanstvo has ratings and reviews. Sh3lly ( ) said: I haven’t read this book since I was about I remem. CELESTINSKO PROROCANSTVO [DZEJMS REDFILD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The story takes us through the discovery of each ;rorocanstvo the 9 insights, with the 9th discovery blowing me AWAY! There were times when it felt as if this one was written to me. However it is a meaninful and thought provoking book,specially for those peopl who are on the fringe of belief or non belief.

If seen from the point of view of philosophy, this is an exceptional piece of literature that everyone MUST read. I learnt that through looking within that spiritual growth, personal power and the ability to transform our lives is not only possible but mandatory.

If not, it will probably be frustrating for you to read. I def recommend to anyone who needs a break from the non-fiction. I read this book because I kept bumping into people who would casually mention it and how good they thought it was.

Celestinsko proročanstvo (Celestine prophecy ) – video dailymotion

It will take you from the mountains of Peru to the beginning of creation to the evolution, circle around time and space and bring you back to the very ground you stand on prorocabstvo makes you question, quiet literally everything under the sun and beyond. I have actually read Bringers of the Dawn: This book made a great impact in my life.


First of all the author does not claim any authenticity in the story he’s telling, in fact this book is categorized under fiction. However, this book is pretty awesome in terms of its concepts, and I peorocanstvo it in a couple of hours, which says something.

View all 5 comments. If you are looking for your typical adventure that involves guns blazing, nerve recking chase sequence and the miraculous escape scenes, this celestiinno not the book for you, even though these scenes are present.

A must read for everyone!

I would read it again! I read some of the other reviews and it’s such a shame that so many people seem to miss the point of this book. This book has seriously altered how I look at everything for the rest of my life. I am not religious, but I am spiritual and know that there is more than just the physical world we typically see. A great book of spiritual wisdom. It’s hard to say if this is a piece of fiction or philosophy.

A train choo-choos softly in the background. I enjoyed this book, and am going to take the bit on interpersonal relationships and apply it to my own life so that I can be a friendlier and more outgoing person- but I also found some concepts forced- the bit about money in exchange for knowledge, as well as the portrayal of Marjorie as slightly pathetic. It’s a formula that works well for me.


He writes widely on the topic of human spiritual awareness and is active in the worldwide effort to save our last remaining wilderness areas.

I actually think I still have my copy of it. Dreams come to tell us something about our lives that we are missing. The suspense of priests and government soldiers trying to stop the spread of the insights and discoveries, were back round to the reader. I remember quite liking it. Voy a contar mi experiencia con este libro.

Celestinsko proročanstvo: Pustolovina

The ideas or nine insights are very intresting,the first one being that nothing can be called a coincidenc,everything being divinely planned. Holding the Vision, I will check into. And probably buy some copies for other people.

See review at Book Haunt. It really gives an understanding of the human being being here. Refresh and try again.