Cisco Aironet Series – Some links below may open a new browser window to Getting Started Guide: Cisco Aironet Series Lightweight Access Point Series Autonomous Access Point ยท Access Point Mounting Instructions. appropriate installation and configuration guides on Purpose . Getting Started Guide: Cisco Aironet Series Autonomous Access Point. Cisco Aironet Series. Models in this Series. Aironet Access Point. Support Documentation And Software. Download Software. Load More.

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RRM optimizes network capacity and mitigates interference by continuously monitoring and adjusting access point power and channel settings and then load balancing clients to enhance wireless coverage. Locks for theft protection. Some deployments may not yet require these advanced capabilities.

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Cisco Aironet Series Access Point |

After the AP has contacted the Controller the console is no longer available. With support for both lightweight and autonomous operation, customers can manuxl the simplicity and efficiency of a common hardware platform even while having a hybrid lightweight and autonomous deployment. The module provides unparalleled security, mobility, and ease of use for business-critical WLANs, delivering the most secure enterprise-class wireless system available. Call a Specialist Today!

Table 1 provides a summary of the operational capabilities of various Cisco Aironet access points. It provides the same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management for wireless LANs that organizations expect from their wired LANs.

Given that customer requirements can evolve during the lifetime of a wireless LAN deployment, it is also necessary to provide a means of smoothly upgrading this feature set for the installed base of products, with minimal disruption to network operations.


The Cisco Aironet AG Series Access points combines this versatility with industry-leading transmit power, receive sensitivity, and delay maunal for high-multipath environments, providing reliable performance and throughput under the most demanding conditions.

Management and Deployment Flexibility The Cisco Aironet Series access points are key elements of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, a comprehensive solution that delivers an integrated, end-to-end wired and wireless network. Lightweight outdoor mesh access point that enables cost-effective, scalable deployment of secure outdoor wireless LANs.

Unfortunately, only a few customers devote their time to read an instruction of Cisco Aironet The modular device provides the flexibility to field-upgrade to a dual-band Status LED indicates boot loader status, association status, operating status, boot loader warnings, boot loader errors.

Single-band lightweight or autonomous access point and wireless bridge with a NEMA-4 compliant case for mounting in outdoor areas Note: With Cisco M-Drive technology, IT has the tools needed to build and operate a high performance wireless network without the need for extensive RF engineering skills. Table 5 summarizes the complete Cisco Aironet Family of access points. To provide both backward compatibility and high capacity, WLAN client vendors are migrating to This is used to ensure that the controller has accurate, up to date information about the users who are on the network.

Cisco Aironet 1142 AIR-LAP1142N-S-K9 User Manual

The Cisco product line includes access points designed for offices and similar facilities, such as hospitals and retail environments, challenging RF environments like factories and warehouses, and the outdoors.

Cisco Aironet Series Access Point Single-band lightweight or autonomous access point with integrated antennas for easy deployment in offices and similar environments.

Additionally, the Series is designed to operate more efficiently during off-peak hours when fewer clients are connected to the access point. As part of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, the Series provides the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership and investment protection by integrating seamlessly with the existing network.


Cisco Aironet 1140 Series Manuals

The Cisco Aironet AG Series is ready to install and easy to manage, reducing the cost of deployment and ongoing maintenance. Users receive their IP address locally within the branch, but authenticate at a central site when using As wireless LANs become increasingly mission-critical seriez evolve in terms of scale and capabilities, the way the wireless deployment is cieco must evolve as well.

Using the radio and network management features of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network for simplified deployment, the access points extend the security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and manageability available in wired networks to the wireless LAN.

Link Role Flexibility The autonomous versions of the Cisco Aironet Series, AG Series, AG Series, and the Series offer link role flexibility, which provides both access point and bridge functions through configuration of mxnual radio as an access point, repeater, root bridge, non-root bridge, or workgroup bridge.

With the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, the best elements of wireless and wired networking are combined to bring mobility to the enterprise in a secure and reliable manner. Through the use of multiple-input accesss MIMO technology, Cisco provides a comprehensive line of access points that deliver enterprise-class features for business-ready wireless LANs.

With Cisco, customers can choose the feature set that is right for them, at the time that it is right for them.