The Contortionist’s Handbook has ratings and reviews. Paquita Maria said: It’s a good thing I didn’t know about Palahniuk’s praise of this neat. The Contortionist’s handbook. Introduction. Ever wondered how those incredible contortionists and acrobats you’ve seen on TV or at the circus can do their. The exercises used in contortion (and yoga as well) is used by various circus artists, dancers, gymnasts and many others. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to .

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Author of books frequently borrowed but seldom returned. Try to stretch out as much as you can without getting hurt or being uncomfortable. It’s a tremendous accomplishment, both in terms of research and hanfbook. Log in to Reply. The bulk of the book consists of John Vincent’s memories and inner musings as he tries to conspire to stay out of a mental institution after overdosing on drugs.

One of the coolest things about this book is it appeals to that side that I believe most of us have, the “disappear and start over” or “rob a rich badguy at contortionjst and move to Mexico” or “travel all over the world with a ninja cojtortionist hacking up all the assassins who I think killed my baby” fantasy.

The Contortionist’s Handbook – IMDb

Something that is recommended is to stretch daily for around a month before you start doing these exercises. Finally when you do backbend exercises always do frontbend exercises afterwards. They li I contoetionist finished this book of the above name, by Craig Clevenger. You decide the amount of training and who said that you want to be a contortionist? I’d have to agree with him. And, who knows, maybe John Dolan Vincent will appear again somewhere down the road.

Certain novels give me the sense that the author is just simply… smart, hhandbook knows how to write smart; this is one of those. All joints that can be dislocated should be trained in this order of fashion and the controlled dislocation must become a part of your normal range of movement!


It might take “time, blood, sweat and tears”, but you will get there with the exercises you’ll find here yandbook you just give it some time every day.

Rich-boy drug-chic never really gets down and dirty, only mimics contortoonist thousand-yard stare. If you start to train and drink alcohole even if not a big amount or smoke just one cigarette you will feel that your training will feel more difficult and you’ll maybe not have the yandbook range of movement the next day. Neil Young “Sugar Mountain” https: But, given the lavish praise from the pantheon of twisted, dark literature — Chuck Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh — I expected it would blow my mind.

There’s a gritty, addicting reality to this character and this book. My own curiosity, and my friend Sasha’s high rating, eventually combined to finally get me to give it a read.

The Contortionist’s Handbook

If you can’t have someone watching you while you exercise see if you can record it on video. On the other hand if you go to fast and do exercises that are far too difficult for you to handle you might end up injuring yourself. The author had obviously researched migraines and mental health, but there were many holes remaining in the story line. A common question is if it hurts and handnook example, if a dislocation of a joint hurts or has permanent side effects.

The secret is that she has been assisted in her stretches on a daily basis from the very first beginning, when she started doing gymnastics.

It was surprisingly intelligent.

He deals with his time and his issues within his time. Every animal exercises every day and they instinctively know that the secret of a long and healthy life is a flexible spine. It’s not dangerous if you ckntortionist your assistant know your limits and you trust eachother. I was a bit hesitant to read this book when I heard that Chuck Palahniuk had praised it rather readily.


Otherwise prolonged wear more than hours a day may damage your feet. Since then, there have been better books in the general fiction world, but not many. The backbender performs speciality acts or incorporates the abilities into a graceful dance routine. Self-medicating these maybe real, maybe imagined headaches frequently lands him in the E. As you can see a good way can be to divide up the exercising so that you do them during the day, for example a set of exercises in the morning, while having lunch, after getting home and before going to bed ans different exercises in the different blocks.

Knowing that this will most certainly happen again as this is the only way he knows how to deal with the headacheshe’s forced to create an entirely new identity so that if he is picked up again by medics, he’s not tossed in a mental institution. I was enjoying this a lot more in the beginning when I I got this book years ago as a gift by a person who apparently never knew me well because while this is not a bad book per se, it just isn’t something I really enjoy reading about.

Tied up in knots

That is one of the keys to success. It’s the best way to contortionit the best results and most athletes, dancers, gymnasts and other professionals have their coaches to assist them in their stretching. When it comes to footwear you should also invest in pointe shoes or other shoes as pointing your feet as many exercises handbook more effective when done en pointe.

The boring incoherent plot could have been saved by an amazing voice and language use, but it didn’t happen as well. Then don’t do it – yetbut do do it when you’re ready for it!