THE CODE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE, (Act No. 5 of ). An Act to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the procedure of the Courts of Civil. Code of Civil Procedure THIRD SCHEDULE: Execution of Decrees by Collectors- Repealed by the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act, ]. Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, Code Of Civil Procedure, Index. ( RELEVANT SECTIONS). PRELIMINARY. Section Pecuniary jurisdiction.

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List of witnesses and summons to witnesses Rule Section 9 – Courts to try all civil suits unless barred. Appearance before the Court consequent to the failure of efforts of conciliation Rule Section – Enforcement of liability of surety.

Section 14 – Presumption as to foreign judgments.

Code Of Civil Procedure: Bare Act | Hello Counsel

LV of Ordinance No. Questions to be determined by the Court executing abre Transferees and legal representatives Section Execution of decrees passed by British Courts in places to which this Part does not extend or in foreign territory. Section – Continuance of orders under repealed enactment’s. Pondicherry -After section 45 insert the following: The Fifth Schedule [Enactments repealed.

Joseph, AIR Kant A may sue B and C at Benaras, where the cause of action arose. Provided that the State Government concerned may, by notification in ac Official Gazette, extend the provisions cpf this Code or any of them to the whole or part of the State of Nagaland or such tribal areas, as the case may be, with such supplemental, incedental or consequential modifications as may be specified in the notification.

Service of foreign summonses. Subject to the pecuniary or other limitations prescribed by any law, suits.

However if your suit and reliefs are against the third party alleged purchaser, then sec. Power of Court to issue commissions. Collector deemed to be acting judicially.

Civil Procedure Code 1908 (CPC)

Others suits to be instituted where defendants reside or cause of action arises. Effect of rules in First Schedule. Institution of summary suit Rule Presidency Small Cause Courts.


Power of the Supreme Court to transfer Suits, etc. Section 24 – General power of transfer and withdrawal. Section – Unauthorized persons not to address Court.

Bare Act: Code Of Civil Procedure, 1908

Notice to the Attorney General or the Advocate-General. Where the Court is satisfied that the holder vare a decree for bwre possession of immovable property or that the purchaser of immovable property sold in execution of a decree has been resisted or obstructed in obtaining possession of the property by the judgment-debtor or some person on his behalf and that such resistance or obstruction was without any just cause, the Court may, at the instance of the decree-holder or purchaser, order the judgment-debtor or such other person to be detained in the civil prison for a term which may extend to thirty days and may further direct baer the decree-holder or purchaser be put into possession of the property.

Procedure in appeals from appellate decrees and orders.

Application of the Code of Revenue Courts. Provided that the suit is one with respect to which the Court is competent as regards the nature and value of the suit to exercise jurisdiction. Provided, thirdly, that, if the room is in the actual occupancy of a woman who is not the judgment-debtor and who according to the customs of the country does not appear in public, the officer authorised to make the arrest shall give notice to her that she is at liberty to withdraw, and, after allowing a reasonable time for her to withdraw and giving her reasonable facility for withdrawing, may enter the room for the purpose of making the arrest:.

Section 60 – Property liable to attachment and sale in execution of decree. Partial exemption of agricultural produce. Execution barred in certain cases.

Added by Act 1 ofsec. Section 97 – Appeal from final decree where no appeal from preliminary decree. Procedure where witness fails bae comply with summons Rule I of Act No. Prohibition of arrest or detention of women in execution of decree for money. Power of Appellate court Section Summons to defendants Section High Courts, other than the Courts specified in 1098may exercise the powers conferred by that section in such manner and subject to such conditions 1 [as 2 [the State Government] may determine]:.


Power of Court to order separate trials Rule Courts and classes of suits to which the Order is to apply Rule Enforcement of Liability of surety. Section 35A was ins.

Code of Civil Procedure Complete Act – Citation – Bare Act | LegalCrystal

Section 38 – Court by which decree may be executed. Mode of taking additional evidence Rule Section – Power of certain High Courts to make rules. Court may order defendant or plaintiff to appeal in person Rule Provided that in respect of cases arising out of original suits or other proceedings of any valuation, decided by the District Court, the High Court alone shall be competent to make an order under this section:.

Suits by or against Government Section Decree for specific performance for restitution of conjugal rights, or for an injunction Arrest and detention in civil prison Rule Where immovable property is sold in execution of a decree and such sale has become absolute, the property shall be deemed to have vested in the purchaser from the time when the property is sold and not from the time when the sale becomes absolute.

U are a person who can raise a claim under sec. Where rejection of plaint does not preclude presentation of fresh plaint Documents relied on in plaint Rule