Created in God’s Image has ratings and 36 reviews. Josue said: Aside from Hoekema’s apparent belief that the universe is millions of years old, and a. According to Scripture, humankind was created in the image of God. Hoekema discusses the implications of this theme, devoting several chapters to the biblical . Hoekema, Anthony A., Created in God’s image. Bibliography: p. Includes index. 1. Man (Christian theology). 2. Reformed Church — Doctrines. I. Title.

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Feb 12, Mark A Powell rated it liked it. What is it to be made in the image of God? Doctrine of Man taught from a Reformed theology.

I already have trouble with Billy Graham, but to mention Mother Teresa who is a Roman Catholic that upholds works righteousness is sad. Eerdmans PublishingSep 6, – Religion – pages. This book can be recommended as an important and timely contribution to crdated anthropology. Popular passages Page 11 – And God blessed them, and God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the noekema of the air and over every noekema thing that moves upon the earth.

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Book Review: “Created in God’s Image” by Anthony A. Hoekema | The Domain for Truth

For example, in relation to the covenant of works, one may want to do further research. Dec 19, Ryan Kiser rated it really liked it.

Covers everything from Creation, Imago Dei, sin, the spread and effects of sin, human nature, and the freedom and bondage of our will. A tremendous introduction to the nature of the image of God and what it means for hoekeja to be created in that image.

The Spread of Sin. I have read a lot on the imago dei over the years and this volume didn’t disappoint.

Index of Proper Names 2 Dated in places, lengthy in others, but altogether worthwhile. The doctrine of man is an important study for Christians.

Created in God’s Image – Anthony A. Hoekema : Eerdmans

Hoekema discusses the implications of this theme, devoting several chapters to the biblical teaching on God’s image, the teaching of philosophers and theologians through the ages, and his own theological analysis. Hoekema offers some wonderful insights, always referring to Scripture and to our church fathers. Hoekema was a Christian theologian of the Dutch Reformed tradition who served as professor of Systematic theology at Calvin Theological Seminary for twenty-one years.

He accurately reads the theologians in question, with a particularly good section on Barth. He attended Calvin College A.

Createx 27, Marc Sims rated it really liked it. The writing is clean, readable, organized, and biblical. Extensive bibliography, fully indexed. Man as a Created Person. Victory Over the Darkness: My library Help Advanced Book Search.


The study of the nature of man and of sin is sobering, but it is not until we begin to realize the depths of sin that we This is a well-researched, knowledgeable book about the image of God and the nature of sin in man.

Religious History Early American. December 1, by EvangelZ.

Creaetd Theologians Abraham Kuyper. In light of the difficulty of coming up with a precise definition of God because we mirror a complex God, I think it would be unwise to limit the definition to loving God and people. We need to also consider the human constitution. Jul 07, Stephen rated it really liked it.

Created in God’s Image

The seminal work from Hoekema answers that question by exploring what the Bible says about our God-given human nature, designed to reflect His likeness. Visit our Enduring Standards page to see some of our perennially best-selling backlist books. Chapterfocusing on the imago dei, are worth the price of the book.