Investment products: No bank guarantee I Not FDIC insured I May lose value. Deutsche Asset. & Wealth Management. Understanding CROCI valuation. ISIN, DEDB0WKS8. Ratio, 1: Product type, Index Certificates (classic ). Underlying(Underlying Name), CROCI Germany Index. Redemption, Cash. The Fund leverages Deutsche Bank’s proprietary stock-valuation methodology, CROCI, to select approximately 30 stocks from the S&P

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Rankings are historical and do not guarantee future results.

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Adjusted returns reflect the maximum sales charge. Why Choose This Fund Investing in international equities may help investors seeking to capture growth opportunities outside the United States while diversifying their portfolio. Both beta and R2 are based on a 3-year period relative to the index. The fund seeks long-term growth of capital.

Ratings are historical and are no guarantee of future results. At the same time, many emerging-market stocks have compelling valuations.

The Overall Morningstar Rating for a managed product is derived from a weighted average of the performance figures associated with its three-,five-,and 10 year if applicable Morningstar Rating metrics. Performance is historical and does not guarantee future results. Account Access – Retirement Plan Access.

Any voluntary waivers may be discontinued at any time. No Expense Ratio Information See the prospectus for details. Fund performance crooci reinvestment of all distributions. Investment returns and principal fluctuate so your shares may be worth more or less when redeemed. Exchange-traded funds and open-ended mutual funds are considered a single population for comparative purposes.


This ccroci requires Adobe Flash Player 9. Additional Performance Information Fund performance includes reinvestment of all distributions. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Stocks may decline in value.

Leverage our market expertise.

This may however be accompanied by additional risks of investing in foreign stocks. The Overall Morningstar Rating for a fund is derived from a weighted average of the ratings for the time periods indicated.

A fund with a beta greater than 1 is more volatile than the benchmark. Morningstar Risk is based on the calculation of the difference between the Morningstar Return adjusted for loads and excess over the risk-free rate and the Morningstar Risk-Adjusted Return adjusted for loads, excess over risk-free rate and risk.

Neither Morningstar nor its content providers are responsible for any damages or losses arising from any use of this information. Current performance may differ from the data shown. While the year overall rating formula seems to give the most weight to the year period, the most recent three-year period actually has the greatest impact because it is included in all three rating periods.

Rapid population growth, an emerging middle class and increasing urbanization are driving the growth of many emerging-market economies, many of which have higher expected growth rates than their developed peers. Emerging markets tend to be more volatile and less liquid than the markets of more mature economies, and generally have less diverse and less mature economic structures and less stable political systems than those of developed countries.


Index returns assume reinvestment of any and all distributions and, unlike fund returns, do not reflect fees or expense. Diversification by asset class or among real estate sectors does not necessarily protect against losses. If sales charges had been included, where applicable, results might have been less favorable. With analysts on the ground all over the world, Deutsche Asset Management is poised to seek out these compelling investment opportunities.

Investing in foreign securities presents certain risks, such as currency fluctuations, political and economic changes, and market risks. Unadjusted returns do not reflect sales charges and would have been lower if they did.

For funds younger than three years, the Morningstar category is estimated.

The fund may lend securities to approved institutions.