Click the links to the left for information on the features, options, and operation of your multifunction printer. For information on other documentation included with. Manuale dell’utente. DK WARNUNG wird in diesem Handbuch verwendet um an- zuzeigen, dass eine ernsthafte Victoria Australia. My Dell c laser printer was printing very badly – parts of the picture were falling off the paper as dust. I thought perhaps cheap toner was to.

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Auto Reduction Automatically reduces the size if there is any excess document at the bottom of the page. To set up e-mail alerts: Adds the prefix number when you send a fax. This prevents other users from using the operator panel to inadvertently change a printer user default that has been set by the administrator.


The Original Type setting is used to improve the image quality by selecting the document type for the current fax job. Enter your user login name in the Enter the object names to select box Example of user login name, Myself. ID Copy Prints the original pages onto one sheet of paper in the original size. Does not adjust the registration automatically. For example, to enter the letter O, press 6. Sending a Delayed Fax The Delayed Start mode can be used to save scanned documents for transmission at a specified time in order to take advantage of lower long distance rates.


If the document is jammed in the paper exit area: Enter the IP address of the e-mail server. To use the Fax Defaults to modify the Fax menu defaults. Cumulative Color Page Count Counts and displays the color pages cumulatively.

To continue using , please upgrade your browser.

Hold both sides of the transfer belt unit with both hands and pull up the left side of the unit until the peg on the left side comes out of the groove.

To resolve the error displayed on the operator panel, you must clear all print media from the print media path. How to replace the Fuser Unit How to replace Rollers Removing the Used Transfer Belt Unit The section will help you solve problems with the multifunction printer, options, or print quality.

Press to save the selection. Tray Settings Use the Tray Settings menu to define the print media loaded in each tray.

To protect the drum against bright light, do not remove the orange protective cover of the print cartridge before the cartridge is inserted into its slot in the multifunction printer.

Select Paper Source to Tray 1.

Insert the two screws through the control board case and into the Multi-Protocol Card as shown, and tighten the screws. Subnet Mask Displays the subnet mask. For sizes that are acceptable for duplex printing, see “Print Media Sizes and Support. Ensure nothing touches or scratches the surface black-colored film of the transfer belt unit. handbucn


Specifies the margin of the copy. Handbufh Agreement screen appears. Lighter2 Lighter1 Sharpness Purpose: Type Delay Start Specifies the delay start time between 1 and seconds.

To specify whether the multifunction printer outputs error contents for a PostScript error. Click Next when you are done.

The values are in units of 1. You can configure the basic network habdbuch through the multifunction printer’s operator panel. The change becomes effective after the printer is turned off and then on again.

Dell recommends that you follow these guidelines when evaluating new paper stock. Name Displays the user names registered in the group.

Dell 3115cn Color Laser Printer User Manual

Remove all packaging from duplex module. This function is required after the multifunction printer is set up or moved. Handguch not print the user ID. Lock both levers at the ends of the fuser unit. When loading user-specified print media, fully extend the tray by squeezing the length guide at the back of the tray. Leaving the cover open while sell may affect the copy quality and toner consumption. This mode is available only when firmware version or later and network MPC firmware version