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Buy DIN FURNITURE – DESIGNATIONS AND THEIR USE from SAI Global. Language: German. Written by: DIN. International title: Furniture – Designations and their use. Article no: STD Edition: Approved: 4/1/ DIN – Amendments. Replaces DIN Loading recommended items Loading recommended items Loading recommended.

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The upper side is coated suede and the grain texture is created by embossing. Nowadays, most leather is made from the animals we eat. The density of intertwining varies from species to species. ComST Date of publication: As a result, leather has a high resistance to tearing, stretching and bending. Legal notices Photo credits FAQ. Leather in oblique section and cross section. But this material does not have the benefits of leather and is forbidden to be sold as “leather”.

But as long as consumers are familiar with words like “Faux Leather”, “Imitation Leather”, “Synthetic Leather” or “Artificial Leather” for describing imitation leather, these designations should be allowed. Chrome III is harmless and occurs in many food sources. If the outside surfaces are not of grain leather, the declaration could be, for example, “Leather sofa – back and sides split leather”.

Test yourself or your business online. Steep Taper Retention Knobs At the end of the 19th century chrome tanning was discovered.

There is a loophole that should be closed in many countries.

Standard – Furniture – Designations and their use DIN –

It would be much 68781 for the consumers if all producers were forced to set out clearly when split leather is used. These are not laws. Video about the production of split leather and PU leather. As each country has different declaration rules, we believe some basics should be taken into account in all countries to assure that the use of the word “leather” is not meaningless.


Leather is incredibly diverse.

These materials are then advertised as “leather-like” and supported by numerous arguments. Leather consists of intertwined collagen fibres protein. Film coating with split leather.

Most customers thought they were buying Genuine Leather. About Who we are.

Furniture – Designations and their use

It can absorb moisture on the inside, then release it di the outside. Receive a quote or more information on: In Europe, there is a material labelling requirement for shoesbut not for other leather goods. Office furniture – Desks and tables. Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified.

The 688871 prevent the decay of the hide substance and oils, fats and moisture make the leather supple.

SSKS grippers are dimensionally the same as the SSK series, except are designed with additional features for high-speed operation. Inexpensive furniture is often manufactured with coated split leather or imitation leather on outside surfaces and the contact areas backs, seats, 68781 and armrest insides are processed with grain leather.

A leather interior of a car must predominantly have leather on the major surfaces. Sometimes the flesh side split is coated with a finish and embossed or a layer of embossed and coloured polyurethane is glued to the surface to let it look like the more valuable 688771 side split.


Steep Taper (DIN) 50 Retention Knobs

Submit your feedback Your comments about this page Please leave your contact information if you would like a response. Register online at inter and intra-company training, and certifying diplomas, seminars, distance learning. Originally, furs and hides of 6871 animals gave protection from cold and humidity in the form of blankets, clothingshoes or boots.

Destruel Date of publication: Today’s leather goods are well-regulated and, dni from rare exceptions, free of toxins. Discover also Certification, assessment, diagnosis Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified. Leather was also used for tent wallskayak boat wallsthongsbelts or leather vessels. Was this information helpful? In a lot of countries, leather that has a surface coating or surface layer thicker than 0,15 mm, has to be declared as ” Coated 6871 ” irrespective of the way the coating was applied.

Products by Type Machine Tool Dln. Terms and conditions for Customized compilation of standards Contact us Accessibility. Especially the use of “Textile Leather” is forbidden. This rule does not apply to automotive leather. May Number of pages: Code s Theme s Sometimes there are even different rules for different uses of leather within a country.

Industry work chair – Part 2: