Fulltext – Functional Properties of Bitter Yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) as Influenced by Soaking Prior to Oven-drying. The plant is often purposely grown at spare points on the land as an insurance against famine years, and is also encouraged in hedgerows around a farm and. Notes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION A climbing vine with robust, spiny stems reaching up to m in length. The leaves are trifoliate with ovate leaflets, cm long.

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Potato or aerial yam. Dormancy mechanism in yams, Dioscorea spp.

They have a richer flavour than most yams. Differences in the nature of the starch are reported: Control sample Y 0 W had the highest degree of bulkiness 0. Yield Typical yields from Japan have been reported as 2. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 22, Dilscorea are large commonly kg in weight, sometimes up to 25 kg or moredumftorum cylindrical but sometimes distorted, and thick skinned. Longman Group Ltd, pp. No vector has been identified for any of these viruses, but a meristem culture technique and the production of virus-tested yams has been developed and carried through to the commercial scale in Barbados.


A single tuber normally weighs kg but can be 25 kg or more. Morphology, physiology and selection in three tropical tuber crops.

Dioscorea dumetorum

Method-yams are usually intercropped with maize and vegetables, such as cucurbits, pumpkins, peppers and okra, but mono-culture, normally on small plots, is increasing in certain areas of West Africa and the Caribbean. West African Crops, pp.

Botany A large climber, which can reach 15 m in height, with quadrangular winged stems, twining is anticlockwise to the right. Planting procedure Material-small whole tubers of g weight are recommended. Annals of Applied Biology, 72, Bulk density was significantly decreased with addition of TYF to Wheat flour. This result dioxcorea however similar to Senthil et al.

Transactions of the British Mycological Society, 58, The processing potential of yams Dioscorea spp.

Quality characteristics of processed flours from trifoliate yam Dioscorea dumetorum as influenced by steeping and boiling in varying concentration of trona solution over time. It may therefore be grown not only in equatorial regions but also where there are very distinct wet and dry seasons, if dumetodum is provided.

Potentials of Trifoliate Yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) in Noodles Production

Introducing the ‘Chinese’ yam. Weeds are usually a serious problem: American Journal of Food Technology Volume 9 2: Comparative quality assessment of dumetoorum from sun-dried and heated air-dried green banana Musa sapientum and plantain Musa paradisiacal. Weed control in the tropics, pp.


These attack the tuber setts and may prevent sprouting.

Dioscorea dumetorum – Useful Tropical Plants

Dioecorea starch contains a high proportion of fairly large granules: Male flowers dkmetorum small mm in diameterborne on spikes; female flowers are much less frequently borne and the production of seeds is somewhat rare. In general, tops are preferred and the larger the sets, the dioscirea and greater is the rate of germination. Functional properties are characteristics of a substance that affect its behavior and that of products to which it is added during food processing [ 31 ].

Plant Cell Tissue Organ Culture, Please leave a message, we will get back you shortly. Yield High yields are common when the yams are planted in pure stands: The reasons for the limited use of bitter yam include, the unpalatable bitter taste and high post harvest hardening of the tubers Medoua et al.