DOWTHERM RP synthetic organic heat transfer fluid is a diaryl alkyl intended for use in applications that require liquid phase heat transfer. DOWTHERM RP. 23 3 DOWTHERM RP DOWTHERM RP fluid normal operating conditions, the HEAT TRANSFER FLUID provides high performance fluid may never need to be in. DOWTHERM RP fluid provides high performance in non-pressurized systems. DOWTHERM* RP heat transfer fluid is a high purity diaryl alkyl that provides.

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Dotwherm Stability The thermal stability of a heat transfer fluid is dependent not only on its chemical structure, but also on the design and operating temperature profile of the system in which it is used.

If the fluid is contaminated with organic materials of low thermal stability, it may not be acceptable for Dow dowttherm and will not qualify for the return program. Read and understand the While vapors are rrp expected MSDS before handling or other- to be irritating to the upper wise using this product. Vapors of D OWTHERM RP fluid do not pose a serious flammability hazard at room temperature because the saturation concentration is below the lower flammability limit making ignition unlikely.

Modifying the fuel-to-air mixing procedure to change the flame height and pattern.

DOWTHERM™ RP, Dow – ChemPoint

Operating the heater above its on the expansion tank during The thermal stability of a heat rated capacity. In addition, any low boilers will not Fluid Analysis flash and be lost from the sample.

Flow Rate English Units However, prolonged and repeated contact with the skin should be avoided, and suitable eye protection should be worn wherever there are opportunities or eye contamination.


This stability minimizes problems resulting from accidental overheating caused by flame impingement, improper heater firing, or inadequate circulation. Before a Laboratory sample is taken, the sampler should Oude Maasweg 4 be thoroughly flushed.

Air Oxidation Organic heat transfer fluids operated at elevated temperatures are susceptible to air oxidation. Occasionally, additional their heat transfer fluid invest- changes to help identify trouble samples may have to be taken from ment, handling downtime and from product contamination or other parts of the system where inventory, while assuring that thermal decomposition. Experience has shown that leaking fluids have usually cooled well below the fire point and fire has rarely resulted.

It is the most thermally stable low-pressure liquid phase heat transfer fluid on the market today. The severity and nature of the corrosion will depend upon the amount and type of contaminant introduced into the system. For further information, please contact your nearest Dow representative or call the number for your area listed on the back of this brochure. The thermal degradation of chemical contaminants may be very rapid which may lead to fouling of heat transfer surfaces and corrosion of system components.

The presence of oxygen will considerably shorten the fluid life. Has a high flash point.

DOWTHERM RP Heat Transfer Fluid

In normal operation, atmospheric contamination should be kept at levels where fluid odor is not discomforting to individuals. Flammable mists are, however, possible under unusual circumstances. Where there is a possibility of oxygen deficiency, workers should be equipped with air supplied masks or self-contained breathing apparatus.

While vapors are not expected to be irritating to the upper respiratory tract, care should be taken to avoid exposure to high concentrations of vapor or mists. Ordinarily, Santo Amaro — Sao Paulo — samples should be taken from the Brazil main circulating line of a liquid This analysis gives dowttherm profile of fluid system.


DOWTHERM RP Synthetic Organic Heat Transfer Fluid 460LB

If the analysis shows fluid changeout is dowthrm, the customer should order sufficient new material to recharge the system before sending the old fluid to Dow.

In this case, Dow will advise the customer that the fluid cannot be processed and therefore should not be returned to Dow. Steel is used predominantly, although low alloy steels, stainless steels, Monel alloy, etc.

The MSDS contains complete health and safety information regarding the use of this product. Dowtherm Synthetic Thermal Fluids Tag: Cooling can be done by either a The Dow Chemical Company batch or continuous process.

A detailed replacement fluid is of the highest method for analyzing the fluid to quality.

DOWTHERM™ RP Heat Transfer Fluid

This means that, under normal operating conditions, the fluid may never need to be changed out. Flow Rate English Units When heaters are operated at high temperatures, they are designed for minimum liquid velocities of 6 feet per second 2 m per sec ; a range of 6—12 feet per second 2— 4 m per sec should cover most cases.

Call the number for your area listed on the back of this brochure.

Has a single dose oral toxicity that is considered to be extremely low. Seller assumes no obligation or liability for the information in this document. Remember me on this computer. Some problem areas to be avoided include: