El Fiord, Osvaldo Lamborghini: Una literatura cargada de imágenes de violencia fÃ-sica y El fiord, cuento de Osvaldo Lamborghini – apocatastasis. com. Get this from a library! El fiord.. [Osvaldo Lamborghini; Leopoldo Fernández]. el fiord pdf. Osvaldo Lamborghini. Osvaldo Lamborghini nació en Buenos Aires en Poco antes de cumplir los treinta años, en , apareció su primer.

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She was born in Germany and has lived in Scotland, England, and France. En La letra Argentina: It is rather facility, a kind of automatic writing. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

It is a long poem in prose centered on the figure of the Marquis of Sebregondi according to the author an incarnation of Witold GombrowiczPepe Bianco, and an Italian uncle of Lamborghini. The collection was reprinted in in two volumes by the editorial Sudamericana.

Soon we discovered that even Borges, very much in the English vein, had limited himself to literature “for young people. It was, like all style, a gravitational field you fell into.

Osvaldo Lamborghini – Wikipedia

From the very beginning, he was read like a master. However, his work has only recently reached a broader and international audience.

El fiordlike Leibniz’s monad, reflects the entire Lamborghinian universe; the same can be said for any other of his works. For Buenos Aires Herald. However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study. This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat InPoemashis third and last book, appeared. During the s, Lamborghini was associated with the avant-garde magazine Literal on which he published several poems. Lamborghini practiced here a sort of violent deconstruction, an invasive recycling, a genuine exhumation of the least exquisite corpses of the literature of the eighties.

Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona. He opted for stressed grotesque in gestures, costumes and lighting, abetted by Leonardo Ceolin stage designEndi Ruiz costumes and art direction and David Seldes lighting. Amid his papers, there is not a single lambotghini draft, there are no corrected versions; in fact, hardly anything is crossed out.


However, in his way of animating pornographic images with short and angry texts, he echoes the influence of William Hogarth, an artist Lamborghini repeatedly honoured. In Osvaldo there is allusion to true perfection, which eludes labor. In the past few years legend has made of Osvaldo one of the “accursed,” but the justification for this does not go beyond a certain irregularity in his customs, hardly the gravest of which was how frequently he changed residence.

The worker is the man who creates his own literature when lamborgini allows himself to be represented by the syndicalist. Views Read Edit View history. His second book, Sebregondi retrocede appeared in Please enter your name. His collected poetry and Tadeys followed shortly after. According to very strict norms, he could be seen as marginal, but never, not in the least, osvldo the grotesque grandstander a credulous reader might conclude he was.


Name Recipient’s email address. You may have already requested this item. But the boy is looking at the freckled arms of the woman and he marvels that they don’t prefer to peck there. These volumes could be about the most outlandish subjects: He was the object neither of repudiation nor ostracism; he simply stayed at the sidelines of official culture, and missed out on very little by doing so.

Born in Buenos AiresLamborghini’s first book appeared in that city in The first publication of Osvaldo Lamborghini Buenos Aires — Barcelonashortly after his thirtieth birthday, was El fiord ; it appeared inbut had been written several years before. Fluidity and fixity combine, and they do so shimmeringly. He was venerated by his friends, loved with a constancy that seems no longer to exist by women, and generally respected as the greatest of Argentine writers.

Lamborghini published several other texts during his lifetime, mostly in small magazines such as Sitio. Osvaldo Lamborghini and His Work. I suppose he insisted on the monadic aspects of this germinal text for comfort’s sake, because it happened to be the first. Borges sold sixty-four copies of his first book.


Please verify that you are not a robot. Admission fees Entry ticket: El Loco, baritone who also talks and the Woman of fiorc Fiord soprano.

That was enough for him. Faced with a traveler singing the osvalro of the shameless and perfect beauty of Brazilian women, Osvaldo offered his maxim, “But Argentina has a great power of representation.

It was a thin book, and for a long time it was sold in a single bookstore in Buenos Aires via the discreet method of asking for it from the salesperson. As is to be expected, it had a false bottom. It was good that it existed, it couldn’t be otherwise; but on its own, it was like the countless grains thrown to the hens so that they could reach or not reach, it makes no difference the epiphany that would lead them to go peck at the true point, at the representation.

The magazine was heavily influenced by the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacanparticularly by way of the writings of Oscar Masotta, who was instrumental in bringing Lacanian thought to the Spanish-speaking world. The interpretations that have been woven around El fiord for example, the one that considers it a “fractal object” and then applies that idea to the rest of his work as lineal fragmentation, the infinite periphery of a sense, the “illusion of the perfect bigthing [ sic ]” with which Sebregondi retrocede begins do nothing more than highlight its literary density, its indecipherable character.

The novella is a curious Aufhebung in process. Details Additional Physical Format: