Download FLUKE PM PM PM PM 2X2MV,MHZ OSCILLOSOPE SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Re: Fluke PM manual needed (MHz scope) The service manual for Fluke / Philips PM PM PM PM can be found. PM ). Deflection Manual positioning: Horizontal, Vertical, Both . Web access: com.

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Price The price payable by the Buiyer for the purchase of the lots secured flukr be the sale price, being the highest bid and accepted by the Auctioneer in accordance with conditionplus the buyers premium and any other associated costs if any and VAT applicable at the prevailing rate 6: Impedance converter This active stage consists of three sections with different frequency ranges.

All instruments have four vertical channels. Pull the two self-locking white plastic clamps. You should be able to use a lower rated fuse at this point to help minimize any damage if you don’t have any way to current limit the AC input.

Could amnual incorrect measurement setup cause the mains fuse to explode? This auction is live! Your bid or registration is pending approval with the auctioneer.


Manula display part and power supply must be OK.


The driver transistors are V and V Red7Marine – Sale 2. For the MHz version the corresponding circuit diagram should be used. A range of much finer steps can also be selected.

On this unit there are parts that carry dangerous high voltages Apparatus should be properly grounded through the protective ground conductor of the power cord. Error Calibration step Input Control signal Output The error code lists are a usefull help in faultfinding; in many cases a displayed error code will point to the defective circuit part.

The following voltages are allowed: There are 4 vertical channels that are mainly identical. Verify that the deviation flukee the ideal straight line does not exceed 0. Then take care that its screen is pressed tight to the front side of the chassis.

Put CH1 in 0. A brief examination of the primary side of the smps reveals no shorts.

Before soldering, bend the wires through the holes of the solder leads, or wrap the wires around the leads in the form of an open U, or, maintain wiring ridigity by cable clamps or cable lacing. No lot shall be removed without the authority of the Auctioneer and unless under the supervision of the Auctioneer’s servants or agents.


Also for this the oscilloscope must be sent to the nearest Fluke Service Center. On Pm308, 13 Jun That short may have blown open during the event, typically a copper track vaporises or a semi blows open.

Fluke PM3084 Analog Oscilloscope

Page of Go. Biasing current for these outputs is provided via V, V and R The Manuap shall ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that they comply with the Health and Safety at WorkActCOSHH and other current legislation in connection with the removal, handling and transport of such dangerous substances and or hazardous waste or shall employ a specialist contractor to remove them.

Remove the rotary knobs. In practice, a low frequency signal with an amplitude equivalent to 24 divisions must be displayed with no distortion. I just don’t want to put a new fuse in and try again, not before I investigate the cause. Circuit diagram of external trigger unit A good knowledge of the circuitry of the oscilloscope is necessary to take advantage of these tests. The input signal is a current and is applied to V and V