X. FORESTADENT Symposium. October Discover highest quality and enter the world of FORESTADENT products. Find all products in our online catalog. The FORESTADENT online catalog reflects our strive to provide our customers with the best possible products and the latest techniques. Click here to visit our. Deutsche Präzision in der Kieferorthopädie – FORESTADENT® – Bernhard Patient brochure “TruKlear Brackets”. Patient brochure for TruKlear Brackets.

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Palatinalsplitschrauben Palatal split screws Standard: Sophisticated design All Sprint brackets have an anatomically curved base. You can either open it from vesti- bular or from gingival. The lock for the spring was transferred from palatal to lingual and is therefore more accessible. The archwires reliably return to their original shape. Forestqdent uses active brackets to achieve a highly aesthetic and stable result without using slot-filling techniques.

The smart design of the 3D-base provides optimal bonding strength whilst maintaining safe and comfortable debonding. Even the spring is easily removed foresadent adjusted. Rounded slot inserts and four contact ribs in the slot reduce binding and notching. Das distale Umbiegen des Drahtbogens kann nun extraoral erfolgen. Shark like cuts make a new pitch at forestadenf single winding step. Flexible system for mesialization, intrusion or extrusion of molars. The distal bending of the wire can catxlogue be performed extraorally.


Main features of this alternative Herbst appliance are protrusive bars and inclined planes which are fitted on the vestibular side to casted splints or assembled bands. With DuoForce the ligating forces are considerably lower and far more consistent than with conventional nickel-metal archwires. Right Left 1. The spring pushes the excentric spindle.

Catalog and order form

Package with 20 pieces, colours may vary. Interdiction de reproduire ce catalogue — ou des extraits — sans notre autorisa tion expresse. Splitter- und bruchfrei zu entfernen: Als innovatives Unternehmen wissen wir jedoch, dass die Entwicklung nicht stehen bleibt.

The gentle approach with copper, nickel and titanium DuoForce archwires are made of a copper-nickel-titanium alloy. As a result of smaller occlusal wings, the risk of contact with antagonizing teeth is reduced.

Memory-Palatinalsplitschraube Memory palatal expansion screw Order No.

Finishing Tools Milling machine. They are made of extra thin material which ctaalogue them extra light and easy to adapt. As a retention appliance the modules of the FMA can be fixed on the vestibular side to thermoforming foils. Detailed information is available in our Privacy Policy OK. Louis, Missouri Phone: Extract Pliers and Instruments ,50 KB.

When ordering single bands please add required band size to the given order numbers. This allows extremely easy insertion and the archwire only becomes active in the patient’s mouth.


This means, the clinically effective force remains unchanged until the end of its work range, while the force level of non pre-stressed springs drops to zero. Metal-free holding mechanism for the slider – for optimal aesthetics, even with nickel intolerance.

Catalgue comes with the enhanced features found only in copper-nickel-titanium archwires. Special notches on each side of the pad make removing easy and safe. The most attractive advantages at a glance. Right Left Right Left B B B B 1. Activation in progress Spring under tension Abb.

FORESTADENT® USA Product Catalog

Preformed ligature ties with twisted end, tooth colour coated, suitable as Powerhook. Seite page M M T A A A A M M M S 8. QuicKlear only to be used from vestibular! The original correct midline Fig. OrthoEasy – easy and economic.

Biomechanics and Esthetic Strategies in Clinical Orthodontics. Right Left Right Left Slot. Mikroschrauben Micro screws Order No. Seite page 3.

Skelettierte Sektorenschrauben Skeletal sector screws Order No. Der Kopf des OrthoEasy Pal ist mit einem praktischen Innengewinde versehen, so dass die Abutments einfach mit einer Halteschraube befestigt werden.