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However, in both cases, with much less port surface and therefore also with less engine speed and so very low power is available. Would triple exhaust ports be an improvement on the bridge port?

Bucket Racing Fabrication

You can also open a new topic here Now, more than eight years later it is still not successful, yes it runs, but not in the way it should do. Hahaha Frits, No april joke and no bird in my office.

People who think and frjts who sometimes extremely strange new or old ideas with other. I think the ignition advance shouldn’t be as little as at a watercooled engine, too, to prevent the engine from getting too hot, right?

I would not even be surprised if the same principle eighty years ago even once conceived. Frits except it very sporty and I also fully agree with his writing. Eccelstone was bemoaning the lack of noise from the lastest F1 cars, Bernie thinks he can change the exhaust for more noise. The sound on fritx video is a little soft, in reallity it is not.

As you probably don’t know, friits is an automatic process to split a topic after 50 pages Now we have experienced that the opposite is true, and overmarrs lot of motocross riders would love to have their two-strokes back Does this piston edge red line which looks distant from the piston pin unlike most modern 2t pistons blue line has big flow effect to the transfers on RSA?


Here too the inner radius of the ducts is important. I do not expect my engine to be fully developed in time for the cc GP-season ofand it will certainly not be allowed to make the cc four-strokes look ridiculous inso there is no need for secrecy anymore.

I have one small question about side rotary valve sealing Raalte, Holland Date d’inscription: I plan to run VM44 carburetors.

It would just stop firing at about We tried everything we could to make the engine rev with a 0,55 squish. But according to the abovementioned I suppose I was wrong. Apio Verde to you. What is trapped compression ratio?

The solution must be sought in the process.

Frits Overmars Expansion Chamber aka FOS exhaust concept

The big advantage is that the whole scavenging will proceed much faster than in the current two-stroke way, because of the maximum TA capacity.

As you may have noticed I stopped answering questions ovwrmars days ago and I am glad Jan took over. Normally high crankcase cv. I have to admit that Frits Overmars gave overmrs the push to do it, otherwise I would have it only in my head, as he did for about 30 years.

But the best solution would be to use a conical fit, like Jan Thiel did on his last sleeved Jamathi cylinder. Since you are just talking about different fuels and compression ratios anyway, I have got a question. The shallow first stage and steeper second stage of the reflector are a similar situation. Not only the drits and the radii, especially the inner radius, but also the duct length plays a role.


Op ebay USA zetten en de hoofdprijs vangen. Thanks Frits that’s exactly what I thought.

Maybe too much turbulence? Villiers sur Marne 94 Date d’inscription: On sunday March 16th at From many people I heard this system already exist, but not one proof on paper or one photo is available at this time. Those waves are like birds flying against a storm: What for me was the real reason to start this ovemrars.

The cc four-cylinder Hondas would be ‘much more reliable and much safer’ than the cc two-strokes. I,m afraid you’re a cheap prince who admires Freddy and the Dreamers Permission de ce forum: But if that pipe volume becomes too large, the maximum torque value will drop too.

On the other hand, I’m surprised at the anti-hydroforming suggestion: No, I’ve never seen something like this before. I could ask Jan Thiel about the aiming of the transfer ducts, but I suppose he is watching this forum so there is no need to pass your questions on to him; he reads everything but doesn’t react very often. Jan Thiel Nombre de messages: The rod wasn’t up to the task I soon found out. Maybe he thought he could bend the laws of physics by just telling them loud enough how he wanted things to be.

Below are some pics of a cylinder layout with FOS-scavenging. Here’s the best place to start. In fact it helps if the inlet duct downstream of the disc offers a sudden cross flow area increase, by way of a step, opening at the trailing side.