Madhav Gadgil, Submitted to ‘The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Report of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, Part I. New Delhi. Gadgil, who headed the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel, said that the recommendations of the Kasturirangan committee contains. The Parambikulam forest in Kerala is a part of the Western Ghats. dotcompals/ Flickr, CC BY The Gadgil panel report. Many parts of.

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The rolling hills of this area run parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula and span six states: Why was the Gadgil Committee set up?

Finally it was put in public domain and also disseminated to all stakeholders including the six Western Ghats states including Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu for feedback and comments. That is a reduction of 17, sq km in the top priority segment. The landscape needs to be viewed in its entirety — and this is exactly what conservationists working in the region hoped ecological reports on landscape-based commitete efforts in the Western Ghats would bring forth.

Follow the instructions after that. Considering that the Kasturirangan report was strong on the science as well as policy, the government could have spread some awareness about it and its recommendations by commissioning a people-friendly version, Krishnan said. He said that the committee guats had recommended to protect the resources with the cooperation of local self governments and people, but those recommendations were rejected.

Roughly 37 per cent of the total area defined as the boundary of the Western Ghats is ecologically sensitive.

Gadgil Committee

So guess who intervened by this time? None of the six concerned states agreed with the recommendations of the Gadgil Committee, which submitted its report in August its official public release was cancelled.

The reports were inadequate. The Kasturirangan report only more or less talks about government controlled forests and how to reprot those. Are the Meghalaya miners victims of India’s regional bias? In some areas, the committee recommended strong restrictions on mining and quarrying, use of land for non forest purposes, construction of high rises etc. Gadgil said a major difference was that Kasturirangan panel made an ‘unconstitutional statement’ in his report, saying “that the local community in the hills cannot have any say commitgee economic decision making.


Kerala floods: The prescriptions for the Western Ghats | Explained News, The Indian Express

In its detailed report submitted inthe Gadgil panel had suggested measures for the preservation of the natural environment of the ecologically fragile Western Ghats region. Don’t need Committee reserves to meet fiscal deficit: The problem was that most people had not read it. And it is in this background that another committee was appointed to study Gadgil Report, review and suggest measures for implementation.

A cloudburst in had brought catastrophic destruction to Uttarakhand, triggering massive landslides and flash floods, and killing close to 6, people. The commission submitted the report to the Government of India on 31 August The area is an important biological landscape. It was not available for public discussion as expected by Gadgil committee members.

This was slightly less than the 59, sq km recommended by the Kasturirangan committee. Speakers pointed to threats to the ecosystem from construction, mining, industries, real estate, and hydropower. The Gadgil panel had recommended a blanket approach consisting of guidelines for sector-wise activities, which reporg be permitted in the ecologically sensitive zones.

Now, according to the Gadgil report, the ESZ-1 areas add up to approximately 77, sq km 60 percent of 1,29, sq km. The Kerala disaster essentially has been caused by extreme rainfall. Gadgil also said the Kasturirangan report did not give special attention to the water resources in the Western Ghats.

Press Trust of India. Your email address will not be published. However, there was one particular recommendation that was more contentious than the rest. He said that Kasturirangan, who headed the member high high-level working group, constituted to examine the WGEEP report, had not shown ‘scientific courtesy’ to ask him about what was done by WGEEP before commencing his panel’s work on its recommendations.


Anthropocene Earth system governance Ecological modernization Environmental governance Environmentalism Global catastrophic risk Human impact on the environment Planetary boundaries Social sustainability Stewardship Sustainable development. Click this link and hit ‘Click to Subscribe’. As you all know, the need of the hour is sustainable development.

The high-level panel had recommended that the hill tracts with high population densities be kept out of the ESA ambit. Anthropization Anti-consumerism Earth Overshoot Day Ecological footprint Ethical Over-consumption Simple living Sustainability advertising Sustainability brand Sustainability marketing myopia Sustainable Systemic change resistance Tragedy of the commons. Gadgil and Kasturi should committe these facts. Kerala tragedy partly man made: If Gadgil report laid too much importance to the environment, Kasturirangan report was biased towards development.

People got really worried. He never did”, Gadgil said. It then classified it as comprising cultural landscape and natural landscape.

Kerala floods: The prescriptions for the Western Ghats

The prescriptions for the Western Ghats. He never did it. The MoEF recently came out with the order, and according to directions under Section 5 of the Environment Protection Act,bars mining in ecologically fragile areas EFA not to be confused with ESAsetting up of thermal rsport and restricts buildings to less than 20, sq ft in villages mentioned in the K.

The member panel, constituted to examine the Western Ghats ecology expert panel report prepared under the leadership of environmentalist Madhav Gadgil, has also moved away from the suggestions of the Gadgil panel. Views Read Edit View history. Natarajan said that the recommendations would be looked into urgently so that action can be taken to address these challenges. Read IMD gives hope, situation set to ease as rain intensity falls.

For example, while no mining would be allowed within ESZ- 1, existing mines could continue in ESZ-2 with a moratorium on new licences.