Let Fonzi take over from here, from an article he wrote for Gold Coast in The Last Investigation. By Gaeton Fonzi. The title of my book, “The Last. Gaeton Fonzi’s masterful retelling of his work investigating the Kennedy assassination for two Congressional committees is required reading for students of the. Fonzi, an investigative journalist who acted as an investigator for the House The Last Investigation: Gaeton Fonzi, Former Federal Investigator Breaks His Oath.

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And that’s enough to make any citizen furious. Then, when investivation appeared that the end was inevitable, came the Batistianos themselves and the nonpolitical wealthy who saw the writing on the wall and got out with their nesteggs.

And with the exiles and their passion for a counter-revolution came the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Last Investigation

There were whispered meetings with anonymous informants in the back of dark bars in Little Havana. At any rate, Schweiker was bothered by the approach and, despite the mandate, limited te allowed him felt that he had to dig into the substance of the case if there was going to be a break. I found nothing that resembled manifests. Bases would be touched, issues would be engaged.

He had worked not vaeton at Justice but also with previous Congressional committees. Their agents determined it was not Oswald’s voice. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Vincent Salandria and Arlen Specter. I spoke to a number of former employees of Aerovia Q Airlines, but none could remember the incident Faraldo described. And they assigned Specter the job to “handle the fundamentals to support that conclusion.

In its final Report, the Commission devoted two entire pages to it. And it’s very difficult — if not impossible — to avoid joining him in that frustration and disappointment.

Then it struck me. In that regard, Fonzi relates his meeting with a man he calls “Carlos”. This is not, however, the last investigation.

The Last Investigation” by Gaeton Fonzi

In the wake of President Kennedy’s assassination, these two intelligent, resourceful, and energetic men would become fierce antagonists. To which Cornwell happily replied in his immortal phrase, “Reality is irrelevant!


In fact, at the height of the missile crisis — and the most politically inopportune moment for Kennedy — one of the largest and most militant of the Cuban groups, Alpha 66, launched a quick strike at a major port in Cuba, killing at least 20 defenders, including some Russians. He was leaning back in his chair, his hands clasped easily behind his head, speaking slowly and casually but with a building rationality.

Almost immediately he found out that, as Salandria had warned, there would be sand traps put in his path.

The more fervent laat the Cuban exiles were, indeed, initially elated by the possibility that the crisis might provoke a final showdown with Castro. A first-hand account of one of the lead investigators of the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

George has written a number of articles about WerBell, all very well done, politically insightful and damningly revealing, yet most of them buried in pulp adventure or girlie magazine iinvestigation very little credible impact Damning revelation is the last thing that WerBell should want, yet the close relationship between subject and journalist remains intact and St.

I asked if there were anyway I could reach his father in Atlanta. It did conclude, however, that one of the tramps — the one who resembled Hunt —could very well be a fellow named Fred Lee Chrisman, a right-wing activist implicated in the Garrison investigation in New Orleans. In May, another band of anti-Castro rebels struck military camp near the capitol. So doing, he had the authority and funds to travel to interview some of the principals in these cases. But because it happened in Dallas, too many Americans were accepting it.

Gaeton Fonzi has an exceptional background. Trivia About The Last Investig Schweiker and his operation going for about a month before he called me. CIA memo about Fonzi’s Washingtonian article. And the author of this book was the first investigator hired. They came, took our tape recordings, took our photographs and told us to keep our mouths shut until the FBI sent for us.

Did what just happened — this time chunk of experience that was here a moment ago and is now gone — really happen? Waffling as the admission is, that meant that Silvia Odio, the committee decided, was ivestigation the truth.


To some he is the caricature of the Hollywood spy — indeed, Hunt did serve a stint as a Hollywood script writer — given to overplaying the cloak and dagger role. It is not just well-written.

I would later discover, however,-that photo comparison and analysis is an exceptionally non-conclusive technique. Fonzi ignored Salandria’s prophetic words and decided to go anyway. Inbefore we could interview Pawley about the Luce story and other matters concerning the Kennedy assassination, he committed suicide. Salandria claimed the details did not fit. That night he talked effusively, chain-smoking ant drinking Coke.

The Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi

The Assassination Committee discovered that Oswald was seen in that building with extreme right-wing and anti-Castro activists. Important information had been withheld from the commission.

He did and found nothing. Insofar as there is a central argument or proof to this book as opposed to his scoops mentioned in the appended descriptionit is as regards the involvement of CIA personnel connected to the covert war against Cuba in the assassination of the president.

The Schweiker Report had just been released. There were several key characters who early drew my interest and, I still believe, may be relevant to the new evidence I would later stumble upon. I initially spent several hours with George Faraldo at his office getting the details of his story. First he said he had no connection, then added: Later, the House Assassinations Committee contacted Artime and planned to take his sworn statement.

It was said that if any Cuban exile wanted to open his own business, he had but to ask the CIA for start-up capital.

I told her I was with Senator Schweiker and asked for the best time to reach him.