24 heavenly stems-. 1. palm strike 2. rising punch 3. throat grab 4. head guard palm strike 5. circular deflect and hammer fist 6. horizontal chop. Gao Bagua zhang was developed by Gao Yisheng, also named Gao Deyuan, was born in Shandong province, Wuli county, Dashan village in and died in . But I once read that Gao Style Bagua differs from other Bagua styles in that it emphasize both circular and linear training, in contrast with Zheng.

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Hsing-I has a large number of two hand sets and drills. Fighting Techniques of Liu Dekuan. Naturalness and progressive training are things all martial arts strive gso. This branch survived quietly via the Bi family in Beijing after Wu Mengxia was imprisoned during the Communist assumption of power. Gao asked for more instruction, but Song refused and Gao left to find another teacher.

I-Bagua and the Gao style syllabus – Integral Bagua

Peace Laviathan Gao learned the Chang style period. Join Date Dec Location U. In he returned to his home village Shandong province at the age of forty — five at which time he started teaching his Gao style Baguazhang. A Ho Ho Choi. Gao style is one of the most widely practiced Baguazhang styles in the West; there are also many practitioners in Tianjin and Taiwan.

However, baguazahng movements are at a level of abstraction that is more concerned with possibilities of movement rather than specific techniques.

Join Date Dec Location syracuse, nyusa Posts Via Media Publishing Company. The family fled to Taiwan during the communist revolution in He spent a large part of his adult life in a prison as a political prisoner by the communist party.


Gao Bagua Zhang compare to other Bagua Zhang. Not all teachers know these very well though. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

This article needs additional citations for verification. There are many other schools not listed here. He was one of the few third generation Bagua practitioners to live beyond the s. In he fought with a Taijiquan teacher in the park. Join Date Dec Ggao Xian tien contains the fundamentals of strategy and body movement of Gao style Bagua. This article related to the martial arts is a stub.

This page was last edited on 10 Augustbagguazhang December Learn how and when to remove this template message. For example, Sun bagua has about 8 circle forms palm changesdepending on how you count them 10 max. During his childhood his family fortune was lost so they moved to Wu Ching County, Shaogao township in Hebei province baguzahang find employment. Some time between and Gao also studied Xingyiquan with Li Cunyi. The Gao style makes it easy if you follow the progression.

I know one Baguazhanng master who is one of the softest feeling but hardest hitting people I know. Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references All stub articles. Additionally there are also has classic songs for the system to complement the major movements.

Gao Yisheng

Cao Cao, Martial Emperor of Wei. The movements tend to be practised in a way that allows the smooth development of power in all directions. After 10 years, it is just less painless, but not neccessarily any easier. Most of the ba-gua taught right now comes from Cheng Ting Hua’s lineage. This is the preferred terminology and oral history among the Wu Mengxia and Zhang Junfeng branches.

He taught in Yang village and in Tianjin city. Gao Bagua I’ve trained a little of Mr. And the Duke of Zhou spat out his meal An Empire’s trust to keep.


You get a feeling for Bagua movement right away. Many of the BaGua people only learned two or three weapons of each style due to political events. But I once read that Gao Style Bagua differs from other Bagua styles in that it emphasize both circular and linear training, in contrast with Zheng Style Bagua is more circular and Yin style which is more linear in nature. I can’t remember his first teacher, but it was an external style that stressed the elbows.

In particular liu fang Kai, he was bad! The aim of each form is to develop smoothness of movement and power for a specific set of applications. Needless to say, very few of Tim’s students have learned the whole system. He changed his straight line, pre-heaven and weapons sets more than once in his life, but at its core it is a complete Baguazhang system.

That is not to say that one instructor who knows double tiger hook swords is more skilled than another individual of the same style who only knows a Dadao set.

Gao Yisheng – Wikipedia

His life bridged the second generation and third generation of Bagua practitioners into the 20th century. It is possible that Wu Jin-Yuan, who was already an accomplished martial artist, helped Gao develop some of the Hou Tian sets.

Luo’s Bagua from Taiwan.

Thanks for the info, Maoshan! Train the arm winding, the leg twisting, the waist turning piece by piece.