This website is dedicated to the construction of wood gasifiers that can be used to run a gasoline engine with. Woodgas has been around for a long time and it. If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. Below is an example. and FEMA EMWE We’rk Unit D . gasifier unit (i.e., a “producer gas” generator, also called a “wood gas” generator) which is capable of.

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Section 3 contains information on operating, maintaining, and trouble-shooting your wood gas generator; also included are some very important guidelines on safety when using your gasifier system.

Factories used it for steam boilers, and farmers operated their machinery on wood gas and coal gas. The gasifisr is not combustible; however, it does occupy volume and dilutes the wood gas as it enters and burns in an engine.

You can use this to generate biochar as an added benefit. However, all enthusiasts I know of who use gasification on a regular basis and who started with a FEMA unit have moved on. An important issue in the design of the stratified, downdraft gasifier is the prevention of fuel bridging and channeling. Gasigier example, the body of the unit consists of a galvanized metal garbage can atop a small metal drum; common plumbing fittings throughout; and a large, stainless steel mixing bowl for the grate.

I mentioned in a previous post some modifications that might be done. Due to it’s lower temperature range it is a heavy tar producer.

However, other fuels such as shredded wood, sawdust, and bark can form a bridge that will prevent continuous flow and cause very high temperatures. A gas generator unit is, simultaneously, an energy converter and a filter. As the charcoal reacts with the combustion gases, it eventually reaches a very low density and breaks up into a dust containing all of the ash as well as a percentage of the original carbon.


As long as the principle of airtightness in the combustion regions, in the connecting piping, and in the filter units is followed, the form, shape, and method of gaasifier is not important. Awesome point glad someone made itthere are going to be a lot of peoples uses and fuel sources that will differ from use to useand there several types of gasifiers as well Wood gas generators are not technological marvels that can totally eliminate our current dependence on oil, reduce the impacts of an energy crunch, or produce long-term economic relief from high fossil fuel prices, but they are a proven emergency gasifiet when such fuels become unobtainable in case of war, civil upheaval, or natural disaster.

All internal combustion engines actually run on vapor, not liquid. Most of the volatile components of the fuel are burned in this zone and provide heat for gasifief pyrolysis reactions.

Imbert gasifier vs FEMA gasifier

I would stop short in calling this particular design as “proven” Charcoal-burning taxis, a related application, were still common in Korea as late as If the tars get on your hands or your clothes or tools you cannot use soap and water to wash it off. As the wood gas burns, the products of combustion are carbon dioxide CO2 and water vapor H2O.

The chemical reactions and thermochemical conversions which occur inside a wood gas generator are too long and too complicated to be covered here. In the matchstick ggasifier above, as the wood was burned and pyrolyzed into charcoal, wood gas was created, but the gas was also consumed by combustion since there was an enormous supply of air in the room. Adding additional insulation can further raise temperatures there which is important for tar reduction. The open top permits fuel to be fed more easily and allows easy access.

The tar can be used to tar your roof or your driveway. The fuel is not quite gasified robust because the tar is a wasted “potential” fuel. The purpose of this report is to develop detailed, illustrated instructions for the fabrication, installation, and operation of a biomass gasifier unit i.


If you google “fema gasifier” there will be several documents that should pop up. This simplified design employs a balanced, negative-pressure concept in which the old type of sealed fuel hopper is no longer necessary.

New Aquaponics Series from Jack Spirko. The wood gasifier design presented in this report has gasifer its origin the proven technology used in World War II during actual shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel.

FEMA Gasifier

The uppermost zone contains unreacted fuel gasigier which air and oxygen enter. The detailed but simple design is described and illustrated inSect. Gasification is a physicochemical process in which chemical transformations occur along with the conversion of energy.

If you research other forums frequented by those with experience such as driveonwood. It can be built with a minimum of tools.

However, petroleum shortages during World War II led to widespread gas generator applications in the transportation industries of Western Europe. This includes Wayne Keith whose work I consider to be extraordinary.

All over Europe, Asia, and Australia, millions of gas generators were in operation between and Hot combustion gases from the pyrolysis region react with the charcoal to convert the carbon dioxide and water vapor into carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Personally, I believe that fem FEMA system gaisfier be optimized for a very particular fuel and, if run at a more or less constant output, then I believe it could make a reliable and useful unit.

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After the discovery of large petroleum reserves in Pennsylvania inthe entire world changed to oil – a cheaper and more convenient fuel. A prototype design of the stratified, downdraft gasifier design has been developed.

This simple, stratified, downdraft gasifier unit can be constructed from materials that would be widely available in the United States in a prolonged petroleum crisis.