Gdowski B., Pluciński E. – Zbiór zadań z rachunku wektorowego i geometrii analitycznej Teoria, przykłady, zadania – Oficyna Wydawnicza PRz, Rzeszów. W. Dubnicki, L. Filus, H. Sosnowska, Algebra liniowa w zadaniach. PWN B. Gdowski, E. Pluciński, Zadania z rachunku wektorowego i geometrii analitycznej. Analiza matematyczna w zadaniach. PWN Warszawa Gdowski B., Pluciński E., Zbiór zadań z rachunku wektorowego i geometrii analitycznej. Oficyna.

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A more detailed presentation of the material of Part 3 above, together with algorithm simulations in polish.

Principal ideal rings, Euklidean rings, Chinese Remainder Theorem Computer algebra Short ravhunku of chosen issues Diagonalization of polynomial matrices Linear algebra Lists of exercises prepared for the lecture Linear algebra with geometry for the gdowwski Mathematics plucuski Economy List 1: Elements of graph theory, graph representations [slides] [printable] Basic graph algorithms and their applications DFS, BFS [slides] [printable] Shortest paths problems Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford [slides] [printable] Minimum spaning tree Kruskal, Prim, disjoint sets structures [slides] [printable] Maximum flow Ford-Fulkerson, bipartite matchings [slides] [printable] NEW: Set theory Lists of exercises prepared for the lecture Introduction to mathematics for the specialization Mathematics and Mathematics and Economy Quantifiers Mathematical induction Elements of the set theory Relations Short sketches of chosen issues Relations – basic definitions Seminars Bachelor seminar: Rings, ideals, isomorphism theorem for rings; gdowsli, indecomposable elements Graph algorithms and their applications for Computer Science Informatics.


Network sniffing – Wireshark presentation Project 4: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Theory of graphs and graph algorithms. Security of www – IP blocking, authentication with a password Project 2: Abstract Bibliography, related topics, historical remarks ginflations program and other projects Appendix: About seminar – abstract gdowskk Prerequisites [pl] Recommended literature [pl] Basic course on graph algorithms: Groups – basic examples; isomorphism theorem for groups List 2: Complex numbers List 2: Computational data for Zqdania bigraphs Horario: Graph algorithms and their applications Abstract algebra group and ring theory Lists of exercises prepared for the lecture Algebra for the specialization Computer Science lists also contain chosen basic definitions, facts and hints List 1: Basis and dimension of a linear space List 5: Representations of groups, decomposition of finitely generated abelian groups List 3: Linear spaces List 4: