Tehnici de biolo gie moleculară – principii şi ap licaţii practice 7 V.1 Metoda chimică F. () Genetica microorganismelor şi inginerie genetică microbiană. Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Secţiunea Genetică şi Biologie Moleculară, TOM X, CONTENT. Elena Truţă, Ştefania Surdu. (cursuri de zi) (4 semestre): Domeniul specializării: BIOLOGIE – Conservarea biodiversității; – Biotehnologii microbiene și celulare; – Genetică moleculară;.

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The testing of some organic supports for yeasts immobilization technology used in sparkling wine production Author s: Steps in uncovering the key enzyme in the degradation of the pyridine ring in the Arthrobacter nicotinovorans Author s: Study concerning the mathematical simulation and the interpretation of quality indicators of Suceava River Author s: Cytogenetic effects induced by deposit mycoflora in Vicia faba beans from the collection of Suceava Genebank Author s: On the dynamics of the activity of some enzymes involved in the glucidic metabolism in Sorghum sudanense and Sorghum vulgare during the germination period Author s: Comparative study of behaviour of some biochemical parameters in different phenophases of seabuckthorn cultivars Author s: Tutu Elena Elena Ciornea Volume: The cytogenetic effects of treating the hot chilli pepper Capsicum annuum L.

Chromosomes of two parasitic wasps of the family Encyrtidae Hymenoptera: Anatomo-clinical correlations regarding healing of postextractional alveolar osteitis in the presence of some therapeutic agents Author s: Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria can inhibit the in vitro germination of Glycine max L.


Studies regarding the analysis of different extraction conditions for the separation of Chelidonium majus L.

Cytogenetic studies regarding two species of inula: Some biochemical indicators of the amniotic fluid – possible way for evaluation of the renal development Author s: Evaluation of HER-2 expression in digestive system cancer Omleculara s: Influence of the culture medium pH on the activity of some oxidoreductases in Monilinia laxa Aderh. Modification of some biochemical parameters and of the concentration of some serum ions in Cyprinus carpio L.

Assessment of genetic stability in micropropagated plants of some ornamental strawberry varieties Author s: In vitro multiplication of Jovibarba gneetica Author s: The study of the biochemical evolution of some indicators in subjects with multiple myeloma Author s: Silver nanoparticles fabrication using marine plant Mooleculara fluviatilis resources Author s: Studying the aging of banked erythrocytes using a fluorescence marker, hypericin Author s: Optimization and benetica evaluation of nucleic acids extraction protocols Author s: Microbiologic study regarding the risk of cross infection in the technical laboratory Author s: Glandular trichomes and essential oil constituents of Perovskia atriplicifolia Benth Author s: Cellular effects of some bioactive principles from red wines and must Author s: Computer-based modeling for sugar preferences of an oxidoreducatse from Arthrobacter nicotinovorans Pao1 plasmid Author s: Some cytogenetic effects induced in barley by the treatments with hydroalcoholic rosemary extract Author s: Cytogenetic effects induced by bark extract from Hippophae Author s: Alexandru Manoliu Lacramioara Oprica Volume: Comparison between moleculqra effects of typical and atypical antipsychotics on oxidative stress status in schizophrenic patients Author s: Morphologic aspects of the senescence processes in female genital system Author s: Preliminary studies concerning chromosome constitution of some Cornus mas L.

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Elena Tutu Elena Ciornea Volume: Ionela Daciana Mierlici Volume: Cristina Maxim Dumitru Cojocaru Volume: Bacterial superantigens and organism physiological status: Variability of certain morphological characteristics in Rana esculenta L. Chromosomal aberrations induced by ionizing radiation at different doses Author s: Study regarding the adherence of oral microbiota on composit plating materials Author s: On the activity of alpha-glucanphosphorylase in Setaria pumila and Festuca pratensis Author s: About Journal list Selection criteria.

Pharmacophore identification for matrix metalloproteinases by in silico investigations Author s: Gabriela Vasile Elena Ciornea Volume: Influence of some aminoacids on the peroxidase and catalase activity in the fungus Fusarium graminearum Schwabe Telemorphe – Gibberella zeae Schwein.

The limits of pap smear in diagnosing preinvasive cervical neoplasias Author s: Data on the activity of superoxide-dismutase and catalase in two summer-old Ctenopharyngodon idella species Author s: Oxydoreductase activity of the some fungi harvesting from different Mloeculara National Park areas Author s: Kelly Wormwood Armand G.

On the activity of some intestinal enzymes in the Ctenopharyngodon idella species Author s: Elena Ciornea Gabriela Vasile Volume: