The Hemingses of Monticello has ratings and reviews. Bruce said: This is an extremely well written and thought provoking boook. Gordon-Reed add. As The Hemingses of Monticello makes vividly clear, Monticello can no longer be known only as the home of a remarkable American leader, the author of the. In the mids the English captain of a trading ship that made runs between England and the Virginia colony fathered a child by an enslaved woman living.

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A lot of the reviewers here monticelo at Amazon mention that the book was repetitive, and I agree. A must-have acquisition for every American history collection.

On the mountain — Hello and goodbye — Equilibrium — The brothers — Philadelphia — Exodus — Heemingses second Monticello — Into the future, echoes from the past — The ocean of life — The public world and the private domain — “Measurably happy”: Russia Leaves the War: By momticello with the Hemings family, and their multigenerational relationship with Jefferson and his family, Gordon-Reed does much to illuminate not only their forgotten lives, but the forgotten at least hemingsse white historians and culture lives of so many other families in their same situation.

In all, I thought that despite its annoying tendencies, ‘The Hemingses of Monticello’ is a worthwhile work. Indeed, I was very well aware of the sensationalism around the “discovery” of the Hemings affair in the ‘s, shortly after I took up residence in Atlanta, GA.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Jefferson was sent there on a diplomatic mission inthree years after the death of his wife, and took along his daughter Patsy her adult name was Martha and his slave James Hemings. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

The Hemingses of Monticello : an American family

This book, though it is certainly the story of one famous, extended family, is really a powerful symbol for the whole of the American experience. Sally Hemings and her brother, James, who had heminngses taken to France to be trained as a French chef, knew that they could easily achieve their freedom while in France yet each elected to return to Virginia with Jefferson.


I don’t have the time to waste to find out. The audiobook didn’t help the situation at all. The history and scholarship of this was very well done. It is a remarkable achievement.

This is a very ambitious attempt monricello reconstruct the world of the Hemingses who lived at Monticello with Thomas Jefferson. Washington and the Politics of Change in the sby G.

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She co-authored Vernon Heminngses Read!: I finally gave up on the book when the author went off on a lengthy tangent about the perils of teenage girls living virtually alone with heterosexual males – it seemed to go on forever. It was well written and incredibly interesting.

Not only do we meet Elizabeth Hemings–the family matriarch and mother to twelve children, six by John Wayles, a poor English immigrant who rose to great wealth in the Virginia colony–but we follow the Hemings family as they become the property of Jefferson through his marriage to Martha Wayles. The author explains that this change from British law ensured that white masters mobticello retain the value of “increase” when these female slaves gave birth, because as long as the child’s mother was a slave, it wouldn’t matter who the father was.

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And as for the “angry” tone or any emotional manipulation, I ended up viewing Jefferson with more sympathy than when I went into it, which seems counter to those accusations. Ms Gordon-Reed shows a very human Jefferson who was capable of doing great things but also capable of hypocrisy and insensitivity.

This was difficult to get into at first. The Impending Crisis, — by David M. Sometimes it felt like a record stuck on a long groove Like many people reading this book I found its length and repetitiveness utterly frustrating. Not only do we meet Elizabeth Hemings, the family matriarch and mother to twelve children, six by John Wayles, a poor English immigrant who rose to great wealth in the Virginia colony, but we follow the Hemings family as they become the property of Jefferson through his marriage to Martha Wayles.


These slaves were half-brothers and half-sisters of Martha Jefferson. An unflinching portrait of a not always admirable democrat but a pivotal president, written with an agile prose that brings the Jackson saga to life. Aug 20, Judy rated it really liked it. This is not a quick read.

With its empathetic and insightful consideration of human beings acting in almost unimaginably difficult and complicated family circumstances, The Hemingses of Monticello is history as great literature.

The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family

With interview and acceptance speech. You can tell she is very passionate about this topic. No, Jefferson was not a perfect man, and anyone who immortalizes him as such is flat-out wrong. When I read the review Goodreads has on top of the pile for this book, I got a little outraged.

An American Family” by Annette Gordon-Reed is the type of biographical history that has sadly been lacking until very recently.

I found the section on Sally’s arrival in Europe particularly irritating. Fossett’s family tried to ensure that montivello would be sold to someone they knew, so that they could buy him back at some point. The book contains vast amount of detailed speculation based scant evidence available about everyone else so this seemed lacking.