The authoritative, unforgettable biography of Martin Luther, the great religious leader, who entered a monastery as a youth and who, as a man, shattered. Donor challenge: For only 2 more days, a generous supporter will match your donations 2-to Triple your impact! Dear Internet Archive. Bainton published Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther in As of , it is still in print. Kenneth Scott.

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Their arguments led Luther to come to despise Reason. Though sometimes long in the tooth, this was quite an enjoyable readif you’re interested in the Luther or the Reformation that bainto.

Is there anything you find unsavory? We walk with Luther through Augustinian and Pauline theology to mine for answers to the perplexities of defining and implementing a new way.

This biography takes on the same sense of proportion. As a work of some parts – the assessment of early capitalism, for example – reflect scholarly views now out of date. Accused of heresy and threatened with excommunication and death, Luther maintained his bold stand and refused to recant.

Four stars for content and for the Audible readermaybe minus a star for minutiae. This stunning biography looks at the German religious reformer and his influence on Western civilization. With sound historical scholarship and penetrating insight, Roland Bainton examines Luther’s widespread influence.

This seems flimsy, but is the only argument to rest on such flimsy evidence. The writing is just okay and I bogged down at times with Bainton’s geo-political rambling.


I set about gratifying my curiosity for a fuller and more balanced treatment with this biography sometime after graduating from high school in is a rough guess as to when I rooand it. It was slow and somewhat confusing for me at parts, this book is not a really easy read, but very interesting and great at understanding Luther and his thought.

Here I Stand

I wanted to hear from Bainton. Luther stands by his ninety-five theses and believes he is teaching what the Bible instructs. I think the hated Luther was where he got his ideas of reform from though. He disagrees with the practice of the Pope in granting indulgences. This all happened more than hrre before Luther posted his 95 theses on the castle church door in Wittenberg.

Its value, also, is acknowledged by Latourette in the chapter notes on “Luther and the Rise and Spread of Lutheranism” see note on Here I Standthus, “An admirable popular brief summary by an outstanding specialist”. It’s funny to think that the Protestant religion – today, at least, a moderate and forward-looking religion – is based on the writings of this man, one of the evilest human beings that ever lived.

His most popular book, Here I Stand, sold more than a million copies. Christianity First Mariner Books ed. Bainton wore his scholarship lightly and had a lively, readable style. Even more than his famous defense of himself at the Diet of Worms, what bzinton struck me about Luther is what he didn’t do.



Jun 28, Petra Eggs rated it liked it Shelves: He wore his scholarship lightly and had a lively, readable style. And yet he was what he was. Despite this, its methodological emphases often feel like remarkably modern in terms of intellectual history. Kenneth Scott Latourette, in the chapter notes for “Luther and the Rise and Spread of Lutheranism” in his History of Rolahdlauds Bainton’s biography of Luther as “A superb combination of accurate scholarship based upon a thorough knowledge of the sources and secondary works with insight, vivid, readable literary style, and reproductions of contemporary illustrations.

Economics went the way of capitalism and politics the Bainton masterfully weaves together gigantic life of Luther.

Abingdon Press | Here I Stand

Like most biographers, Bainton seems eager to praise and quick to move past shortcomings. I give my highest recommendation for this biography. For Though sometimes long in the tooth, this was quite an enjoyable readif you’re interested in the Luther or the Reformation that is. His demand that the authority for doctrine and practice be Scriptures, rather than Popes or Councils, echoed around the world and ignited the Great Reformation.

The Return of the Exile.