HEW-KABEL is a medium-sized company in Wipperfürth, 50 km east of Cologne. We employ more than people in research and development, and. HEW-KABEL expanded its material portfolio continuously. New technologies always , CDT-Group merged with Belden Inc. to form the Belden-Group. Here you are able to download our General Sales Conditions: General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment – Status: November

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Country of ref document: FR Free format text: B1 Designated state s: R Ref document number: GB Ref legal event code: GB Free format text: DE Ref legal event code: At least one of the PTFE sheaths is protected by at least one adjacent insulating layer of a melt processable fluoropolymer. A2 Designated state s: A1 Designated state s: Any and all trademark rights associated with the manufacturers names and products are owned by the respective manufacturers.

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EP1484945A1 – Elektrische Heizleitung oder Heizband – Google Patents

NL Free format text: Aircraft Landing Gear Parts. Winding tape and method of making winding tape.

Method for producing insulated electrodes for applying electric fields into conductive material. MC Free format text: DK Free format text: PL Free format text: Klaus Schwamborn, Wolfgang Dlugas. The surface of at least one roll is deformed under compression during calendering of the round rope 6 into the tape.