Palavras chave: ciclumig, flor do céu, mestre irineu, santo daime, alto santo, * hinário – a book of hymns; a set of hymns that can belong to one person or in. E alguma coisa na missão do depois mestre Irineu nos remete aos anúncios . Este belo hino abre não apenas o seu Hinário do Cruzeiro, como inaugura a. Other version is that the lyrics never existed and in this case Mestre Irineu would have received only the hymns’ music. Jaime Wanner. *Mestre’s hinário has.

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He asked the directorship for an undetermined hinaario and came to Rio Branco, actually to settle – we can say that – where he was supposed to.

From then on he is my godfather, until today. It had words, only that he kept it for himself and introduced only the musical part. It is a work that gives irinej to witness, to dance with your mother, drinking Daime, mirando, the most beautiful thing that one can appreciate.

Offical Hinários

With the same attention that he gave to the high authority he would also treat the humblest. At any instance you hknario together – get united, drink the Daime and call me – I will be there. And I want to see everything that is to see: May you protect me my Mestre, my father.

It was in the coffee plantation the rendezvous point for the gathering of the labor groups that took care and cultivated the irinwu. Barbara – “Daddy Samuel? Major Oderne is a person who, now I am not sure if he will still have the memory to explain everything, but he is a person with great knowledge of Mestre Irineu; more than me.


We have jrineu get started by the trunk, because the trunk is “O Cruzeiro”.

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He also had things that to us were seen as uncommon. Then, this prohibition being made, the dance was already happening with Daime.

But it was Mrs. For him it worked because he drank and knew how to drink.

He would even tell how he received it and how it was in a contact, exactly, with the moon. He knew that he was going to depart and we were the ones who didn’t know – unbelievers that we were, or still are.

She drank it since the age of seven and at the beginning I only went to accompany her – I didn’t want to drink metre Daime yet. When he received this hymn he sang of this way: Look, people had their opportunity, but they could have seized it better. And he was living in a very troubled time and, besides the characteristic difficulties of the region, there were many persecutions from the police, from people with influence.

In this way arose one of the most effective shields against the persecutions to which Mestre Irineu was subjected.

There is an expression he used when he was going to ask a lady for a dance. That was it, I followed with Mestre.

And there comes the screams, here and there, and I irinek wanted to think that it wasn’t from me. He then asked of Her to make him one of the best healers of the world.


We are going to even suppose that he had, for the circumstances, bought on credit, but he was always a man who respected his deals, holy business, good business. He was even arrested, but not staying behind bars, thanks to Colonel Fontenele.

Hinario – Mestre Irineu – Confia Chords – Chordify

When Padrinho Irineu died he left us gathered in a single group only, but it couldn’t stay contained inside four walls, without having any expansion. I got in the line and when my turn came I looked at Mestre and he looked at me. It honors us to talk openly regarding the value of our Mestre, until the day when it happened [his passage], regardless of our wishes.

But I was aware and sure of everything that had happened. But everything was done with diplomacy and within the utmost comfort, while I was laid on the floor, with everything passing through me, the whip cracking and showing me everything for where I had to follow.

The Morning Star… then, up to that point, it was still that way; empty. He had a beautiful physical bearing, graceful.