Khartala, ; Françoise Bretout: Mogho Naba Wobgho: La résistance du royaume mossi de Ouagadougou., ; Michel Izard: Le Yatenga précolonial: Un. Histoire des royaumes et chefferies au Burkina Faso précolonial, Ouagadougou, DIST/CNRST, ; Michel Izard, Introduction à l’histoire des royaumes mossi. Author: Jeanne-Marie Kambou-Ferrand. Edition/Format: Article: French. Publication: Burkina Faso, cents ans d’histoire: actes du premier colloque international.

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Ses devises principales furent:. Samory s’abstint donc de toute attaque contre le pays mossi. Under the fifth ruler, Komdimie circatwo revolutions were started by members of the Ouagadougou dynasty with the establishment of the Kingdom of Yatenga to moossi north and the establishment of the Kingdom of Rizim.

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Unsteady Statehood in West Arica. Each kingdom had similar domestic structures with kings, ministers, and other officials and a high degree of centralization of administrative functions.

Mossi Kingdoms – Wikipedia

However, bythe British sent an explorer into the area who convinced the leaders to sign a treaty of protection. Si quelqu’un n’y parvient pas, Dieu le veut.

De nombreux engagements suivirent. This file was downloaded from the BNF site.


The Mossi kingdoms were organized around five different kingdoms: He is almost hold in veneration, as Che Guevara. On ne sait rien de lui. Certains chefs du pays histoirr sont issus de ce Mogho Naba, tels ceux de Lorgo et de Boussouma. Centralization of the political and military powers of the kingdoms begin in the 13th century and led to conflicts between the Mossi kingdoms and many of the other powerful states in the region.

Mossi Kingdoms

War between Komdimie and Yatenga lasted for many years with Yatenga eventually taking over the independent Mossi state of Zondoma. Many books are already available in French. However, the French in entered the area and renounced the treaty of protection to conquer the Mossi Kingdom and make it part of the Upper Volta colony.

Auparavant, ces rencontres n’avaient lieu qu’en temps de guerre.

The BNF states a date, which is impossible ? Ce Widi Naba tirait son nom de la devise: Views Read Edit View histpire. Wedraogo visited his grandfather in Dagomba at the age of fifteen and was given four horses, 50 cows, and a number of Dagomba horseman joined his forces. Outline Index Category Portal. The tengbiisein contrast, were considered the people who lived in the region who became assimilated into the kingdoms and would never get access to naam.

Foreign trade relations increased significantly throughout Africa with significant connections to the Fula kingdoms and the Mali Empire.


Histoire traditionnelle des Mossi de Ouagadougou – Persée

By the 18th century, the Mossi kingdoms had increased significantly in terms of economic and military power in the region. Writing a Burkina history in an HTML page is an ambitious project, so ambitious that this page is limited to a few stories.

The Kingdom of Yatenga became a key power attacking the Songhai Empire between and taking over Timbuktu and sacked the important trading post of Macina. Dans le cours des temps, en raison du grand nombre des Mossi, de rares ventes purent se produire, mais toujours en fraude. La pluie tomba en abondance et l’on eut du beau mil. Il s’agissait d’un usurpateur de race peulh.

Lorsqu’il se fit nommer Mogho Naba, Bakari Koutou prit les devises suivantes: Dictionary of African historical biography. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There were prominent rivalries between the different kingdoms, namely between Yatenga and Ouagadougou. Zuk noaga, donda bugha.