The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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Office of Personnel Management 32 This series covers, but is not limited to, the following specialties: These several therapy approaches are directed toward achieving such therapeutic objectives as diminishing emotional stress of patients, providing a sense of achievement, channeling energies and interests into acceptable forms of behavior, aiding physical and mental rehabilitation, and promoting successful community reentry.

Also included are positions responsible for providing ground and flight instruction in air navigation. The work requires a background of knowledge, skills and techniques gained from professional training in a health science or allied scientific field, but has no paramount, rigid or continuing requirement for the knowledge, skills and techniques characterizing any of the established series that reflect one or more of the academic disciplines or recognized professions.

Work in this series does not require full professional knowledge equivalent to that represented by completion of a bachelors degree in meteorology. Medical records administration personnel develop medical records policies and procedures and provide advice on the use of medical records. Such work requires a comprehensive knowledge of the workers’ compensation program, and an extensive lay medical knowledge of impairments and diseases.

Positions in this series fedclss require knowledge of the principles and practices of apprenticeship, ability to analyze industrial processes and operations in order to identify the manpower and training problems involved and to advise on solutions, and knowledge of related industrial relations practices and problems.

Positions are concerned with providing leadership, advice, staff assistance, and consultation on health education programs. Systems Administration Work that involves planning and coordinating the installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of hardware and software systems. Information technology includes computers, network components, peripheral equipment, software, firmware, services, and related resources. The paramount qualifications required are extensive knowledge and understanding of management principles, practices, methods and techniques, and skill in integrating management services with the general management of an organization.

The duties of these positions are primarily of an office or a clerical nature and involve fdclass vehicles, keeping records and reports, and providing route and destination information and instructions to the drivers, engineers, or pilots.

Job grading standards provide grading criteria for trade, craft, and labor positions classified under the Federal Wage System. Work in ffedclass series does not require professional knowledge equivalent to that represented by completion of a bachelors degree in geodesy. Series are fw6s914 by a title and number such as the Accounting Series, ; the Secretary Series, ; the Microbiology Series, Some positions also require specialized knowledge of one or more subjects in which the instruction is given.


Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

Cartographic technicians supervise or perform precompilation tasks such as reviewing source materials, extending basic geodetic control networks, and providing input for plotting map projections and collars. Such work requires knowledge of chemical, physical, mineralogical and biological properties and processes of the soils and their relationships to climatic, physiographic, and biologic influences. This series coverage standard has glv developed fedclas positions in the Department of Transportation.

Work in this series does not require full professional knowledge equivalent to that represented by completion of a bachelors degree in a physical science field. Such information covers the political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, scientific, or military trends or conditions in foreign or domestic areas that affect the national security.

This work, in its various aspects, requires: Included is typing work prepared from written material and voice recordings. The work does not include the full scope of interpretation of medical findings requiring the full professional background of the licensed physician. Work in govv series does not require full professional knowledge equivalent to that represented by completion of a bachelors degree in hydrology.

This work may take the form of assisting higher level environmental protection personnel in an area of assignment or it may involve independent performance of limited assignments in a prescribed segment of an environmental protection program.

This work involves such functions as obtaining selected background information through interviews and home visits, establishing eligibility to make use of agency resources, helping individuals identify needs that are related to services the agency can provide, explaining and encouraging the use of agency and community resources as means of dealing with identified problems, and making appropriate referrals to sources of additional help.

The work of this series requires training equivalent to that represented by graduation with a degree in one of the scientific or engineering disciplines from an accredited college or university, in addition to a degree from a recognized law school and admission to the bar. Work involves these types of duties: Microbiology deals with the study of the characteristics and life processes of microorganisms, the interrelationships among microorganisms, their relationships to other living forms, and their reactions to the environment in which they are found.

It fwdclass covers positions that review, analyze, code, abstract, and compile or extract medical records data. Community planning work requires knowledge of planning concepts, principles, techniques, and practices; the social, economic, political, and physical elements involved in human settlements; and the dynamics of change within these elements.


Some positions in this occupation are involved in programs that deal with the identification of and communication with disadvantaged persons requiring employment assistance, the provision of necessary assistance and support through counseling, education, training, nttp their placement into suitable, stable employment.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

This work requires a fundamental background in chemistry, physics, and mathematics and appropriate knowledge in the field of oceanography. Thus included in this series are positions that involve: Public health educators consult with State and local health departments, and with national and local voluntary agencies; organize community groups to study health problems and methods of disease prevention; and assist in coordinating mass health programs and in evaluating and improving health education programs.

The work requires a a broad knowledge of one or more scientific, engineering, technical, or other disciplines or fields of interest sufficient to understand the significance and relationships of the concepts and ideas contained in the information, and b a practical knowledge of one or more techniques for organizing, accessing, or disseminating information.

Employees apply a practical understanding or specialized skills and knowledge of the particular education or training activities involved, but the work does not require full professional knowledge of education concepts, principles, techniques, and practices. The work involves identifying communication needs and developing informational materials that inform appropriate publics of the agency’s policies, programs, services and activities, and plan, execute, and evaluate the effectiveness of information and communication programs in furthering agency goals.

The paramount qualification requirement is a practical knowledge of the methods, procedures, regulations, and purposes of the equal opportunity or civil rights functions the positions support. This work includes the investigation, analysis, and interpretation of the composition, molecular structure, and properties of substances, the transformations which they undergo, and the amounts of matter and energy included in these transformations.

Office of Personnel Management 33 Employee Relations Work that involves providing advice and assistance to employees and managers, fws66914 administration, research, and case management in matters ggov to conduct, performance, attendance, and dispute resolution. This series excludes positions the duties of which primarily involve the mediation of labor-management disputes arising out of the formulation or revision of collective bargaining agreement.

Positions in which specialized subject matter or functional competence is a necessary qualification requirement are classifiable to whichever specialized or general series is most appropriate.