Hugo Münsterberg was a psychologist and author of one of the first works of film theory, The Photoplay. Allan Langdale teaches in the Film Studies and Art. Those with more than a passing interest in film studies may have encountered aspects of Münsterberg’s theory of the cinema in film history texts (such as David . Hugo Münsterberg was a German-American psychologist. He was one of the pioneers in applied psychology.

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Fearing a patriotic response to overt support of the German Empire would undermine munsterbwrg own more covert approach, he condemned the forming of an alien party within the United States as “a crime against the spirit of true Americanism” and said that its results would reach far beyond the time of the war.

For the James-Lange theory of emotion, “emotions are by-products of bodily reactions elicited by a situation. The four sons remained close, and all of them became successful in their careers.

He tneory that with regularity the testimony between two different individuals in the same circumstances can be radically different, even when neither of whom had the slightest interest in changing the facts as remembered.

Miller Paul E.

Because one’s memory is affected by the associations, judgments, and suggestions that penetrate into every one of one’s observations and taint out memory and our recollection of events.

They knew too little of the characteristic features of the vocations to which they wanted to devote themselves, and they had given hardly any attention to the question whether they had the necessary qualifications for the special work. He had a “great record of exposing mediums and other psychic charlatans”.

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Archived from the original on He defined psychotherapy as “the practice of treating the sick by influencing the mental life As well as suggesting that women should not be allowed to uhgo on juries because they were ” History of the Human Sciences 25 2: Finally investigating how a company can secure the best possible effects in terms of sales.

Clark Anne Anastasi Leona E.

Hugo Münsterberg

Wikisource has original works written by or about: Psychical Research and the Origins munnsterberg American Psychology: This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat The main objective in most of these articles was eyewitness testimony which examined the viability of said witness testimony. Contributions made by the students of Hugo Munsterberg”. Essays on psychology and crime. His objective was “to sketch the outlines of a new science which is to intermediate between the modern laboratory psychology and the problems of economics: He describes how eye witness testimony is inherently susceptible to what he calls “illusions” where a subject’s perceptions could be affected by the circumstances, making their memory of the events that transpired or testimony inaccurate.

They go on thinking that their legal instinct and their common sense supplies them with all that is needed and somewhat more. American Problems from the Point of View of a Psychologist. Bersoff Nadine Kaslow Barry S. Anton Huho H.

Hugo Münsterberg – Wikipedia

At all times, innocent fipm have been accused by the tortured ones, crimes which were never committed have been confessed, infamous lies have been invented, to satisfy the demands of the torturers. He entered the University of Leipzig in where he heard a lecture by Wilhelm Wundt and became interested in psychology.

A mere interest for one or another subject in school is influenced by many accidental circumstances, by the personality of the teacher or the methods of instruction, by suggestions of the surroundings and by home traditions, and accordingly even such a preference gives rather a slight final indication of the individual mental qualities.


He received his Ph.

Meehl Charles E. When trying to understand the causes of abnormal behavior, he saw many mentally ill people. Moreover, such mere inclinations and interests cannot determine the true psychological fitness for a vocation. Experimental psychology and psychic hocus-pocus did not mix. They have usually been drawn into the current of a particular vocation, and have given too much energy to the preparation for a specific achievement to change the whole life-plan once more. Inhe was promoted to assistant professorship and attended the First International Congress of psychology where he met William James.

Essays on Psychology and Crime. A neo-Renaissance villa in DetmoldGermany, that Oscar lived in from has recently been renovated and opened as a cultural center. There is hardly any doubt that the remarkable success of this modest beginning was dependent upon the admirable personality of the late organizer, who recognized the individual features with unusual tact and acumen.

A member of the community would call a meeting of all the neighborhood boys who were to leave elementary school at the end of the year and discuss with them whether they had any reasonable plans for the future. The entire scheme of education gives to the individual little chance to find himself. Hebb Neal E.