ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive P control Workstation T 50 digital ULTRA- TURRAX® IKA’s ULTRA-TURRAX – the epitome of first-rate dispersing devices. IKA T 50 digital ULTRA-TURRAX® Disperser, is a high-speed homogenizer that converts into a stirrer for optimum mixing; dispersing tools available. the exchange of the dispersing elements. T 50 Basic Ultra-Turrax. Ika Crushing – Dispersers (batch operation). Dispergeer / Homogeniseer. Imlab

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Legend for IKA Part number. Your data are never turax. Please edit your address or continue with your profile for free access. DDbiolab offers a wide range of laboratory consumables and equipment for the following genetics fields: For coarse sample preparations.

R50 ”high speed” stirring shaft for T50 Digital disperser Tecnical documents. Converts T 50 into a high speed stirrer. Used for high speed stirring.

Crushes large pieces of fibrous material. Tissues and other material are macerated and turned into a homogenous substance in a very short amount of time. Your login session will expire after 30 seconds and you will lose unsaved information.

For large scale uses and for operations reproducible even at different volumes and viscosities. Ulrta, I’d like to share a Terra Universal link with you. RH 5 strap clamp pack for T50 disperser, R boss rurrax clamp included Tecnical documents.


R telescopic stand for T 65 dispersers, with pneumatic spring for heavy attachments Tecnical documents. Your profile will be confirmed by email. R stand for T50 disperser Tecnical documents. Secures vessel during operation. Powerful disperser can be converted into a stirrer.

IKA T 50 digital ULTRA-TURRAX User Manual

The close proximity of the outer stationary tube stator and the inner turning shaft rotor creates a powerful circumferential force that expels tissues and other material between the slots of the rotor-stator.

Your profile provides free access to: Rods for T65 Basic and Digital. Your login session will expire after 30 seconds and you will lose unsaved information Do you want to extend session? The rotor-stator principle of the IKA T 50 Digital creates an extremely powerful shear force that effectively homogenizes, emulsifies and suspends miscible materials.

For dispersing large volumes up to 30 litres for the T50 and 50 litres for the T All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. The email address entered is already registered. Blue Prices show stock on hand. Quote and Order Carts. R telescopic stand for T 50 disperser, with pneumatic spring for heavy attachments Tecnical documents. Call or click below for more information on terms and conditions. Used for adding gases or liquid.


To send to more recipients, please Log In. Multiple dispersing elements are used to achieve an increasing degree of sample fineness.

For medium sample preparations. Click here to continue.

Ultra-Turrax T Homogenizer

Plate Stands and Clamps. Rods for T 50 digital. Special deals Brochures and promotional offers Vente Flash: Inactivate Reactivate Preferred Client. You can share with only one recipient if you are not signed in.

Digital speed display except T65 Basicrotating button for manual setting Wide speed range Electronic overload protection Easily interchangeable dispersing elements, allowing for a variety of uses Dispersing elements and other accessories sold separately.

All prices include crating charges. Thank you for creating your profile for immediate free access. For fine sample preparations.

Accessories – T 50 digital ULTRA-TURRAX®

Sorry, we couldn’t find that email address. Attaches disperser to base stand. These dispersing elements feature a quick-connect coupling for easy exchanges and cleaning.