ILBE Pack System (Fig. specifics on how these stays should seat on the shoulders and back areas or how to be adjust the stays consult the ILBE user manual. I got a really nice surplus ILBE pack for Christmas and I’m pretty but it would be nice to have a USMC manual breaking it down Barney style. Ok, so as promised to some other members I’ve collected some pics for a quick explanation of the Marine Corps ILBE pack system. In light of.

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Fixing strap on the chest can provide stability to user when used.

Last edited by the1kidd03; at There are two sizes and Ible placed these next to one of my new assault packs to give you an idea of their size. Here is an idea of the opening width: There are two tightening ropes at the opening of recon main pack, but there is only one tightening rope at the opening of main pack.

Son, the first amendment protects you from the government, Not from me. There are pockets which are used for carrying the foot stool, amnual pad and other objects in the bottom of the two packs.

We can make a water bag for using independently with shoulder straps, straps and the horizontal fixing straps.

USMC ILBE pack system introduction

Here you can clearly see several compression straps both top and bottom. Below are some pics of their air bleeder valves. All series of packs of ILBE system are consist of 6 kinds of packs with different volume, 3 kinds of waterproofing bag with different volume and a hydration which have three versions the first generation, the second generation and RECON version.

These straps are also very long. Other than that, this pack is a no frills pack. When we need bear the equipment with limit weight, a bearing system with excellent design, strong bear capacity and good comfort can reduce the pressure of users. This ensures it stays with you in case it works itself out of the bottom pocket. The only things touching your body are heavily padded and reinforced areas.


Both of these must work. To seal these bags, you first must locate the black seal strip near the top. Simply use you imagination to how you can use these. Here you can see both the front compartment and the main compartment zippers.

On either side you will notice a female buckle hanging unconnected, vertically. If you actually need more ways to attach gear, you can probably find these small D-ring clips. The ILBE Pack is designed to carry a load of up to lbs but at the same time it distributes the weight so it is comfortable to wear. These can be adjusted for different size loads and keeps your gear in place throughout your hike. Notice the long, black handle object near the edge of the molle webbing. For the inlet of water, there is a lid of thread forms with a rounded corner in order to let user open it easily.

The RED arrow is pointing at that metal buckle. There are side straps on the sides of the assault pack which allows you to do this as well. The size of the opening is half of the body of the pack for placing more big objects. Failure to do this could result in a leaky camelbak.

Salute Arc’Teryx — all analysis of ILBE pack system

One-way zipper controls the opening and closing of the outer compartment books and other objects can be placed in which. The other thing this lid does in combination with these vertical straps is that it allows you to cinche down the contents in a vertical fashion to keep contents from shifting. Insert the threaded fullfillment opening into the carrier’s opening.

The corpsman pack without medical inserter is same with assault pack. This is an awesome breakdown. In my opinion, There are many factors such as enough money provided to army services of US army because of war on terror, the small total equipment because of the smaller scale of the marines than the army which is not astronomical and the contempt mentality of the marines for the army that the marines are stronger than the army, the backpack of the marines also should be better than the backpack of the army.


Also, is the lack of compatibility between the Gen 1 and 2 just a snap buckle design change or are there differences in the location of the attachment points? Below 2nd pic you can see how one of these packs are included for easy drinking while on long hikes. Is that correct in practicality, or is there a work around making it doable to use both?

You can also use them in combination to some of the side straps to carry a secondary long gun by resting its butt stock in these pockets.

The BLUE arrow is pointing to one side of the chest strap, which can help alleviate some weight from your shoulders. II pack has the coyote brown padding and features.

And ignore the dog feet in pic Olbe can get by with just the button working well, but it will only hold for so long. The two packs have many same advantages such as strong bearing system, strong bearing capacity and comfortable,heavy shoulder straps with good stability.

Mqnual can see the hole on one side as well as a slot on the hinged side to allow for mwnual to be ran through it. The war environment of recon units is more sinister than the ordinary infantry, and the war distance of recon units is farther than the latter. The large bag’s valve is one which can be opened or closed sorry, not a very clear pic. It is closed with a very rugged drawstring which works in connection with the lid by reducing area for rain water to enter directly. In this picture you can somewhat see how the top strap of the carry flap attaches.

Water bag maunal was separated by a spacer layer with elasticity the whole water bags or all water bags can be placed in which.