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Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering Adoption by endorsement for the latest version of this international/national standard and the previous adopted edition remains effective for 2 years starting from. Standard Number, BS ISO Title, Graphical symbols. Creation and design of public information symbols. Requirements.

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A subclause is a numbered subdivision of a clause. 2727 issue of ISO published in was the final paper based version. Does each figure have a concise title?

BSi/ISO Standards – ISTC

To help users understand and use the document correctly, the linguistic style shall be as simple and concise as possible. In flowcharts and organigrams, the use of textual descriptions is permitted see This symbol collection is now provided as a data base, accessed by subscription. Use, for example, the following forms for references to tables: The Bibliography is a conditional element. A designation system does not need to appear in every document that contains elements of choice.

They are written in bold type with the exception of symbols, which shall be presented as used in running text. It provides information relating to the organization responsible and to documents in general, legal texts as well as the procedures and rules under which the content was developed. If, in preparing a document related to a product, it is necessary to standardize some kind of testing equipment that is likely to be used for testing other products as well, it shall be dealt with in a separate document, prepared in consultation with the committee dealing with such equipment.

The whole basis of the work implies close cooperation with other technical committees and industry bodies. Subscripts can be useful to distinguish symbols for related concepts. If it is considered necessary to repeat a requirement from an exterior source, its source shall be referenced precisely see Stage at the time of publication: Alternatively, the clauses or subclauses may be reproduced verbatim.


Technical product documentation drawings, diagrams, etc. Unless there is a need to list symbols in a specific order to reflect technical criteria, all symbols should be listed in alphabetical order in the following sequence:.

Each first level subclause e. Any cross-referred 227227 shall not be included in this text but shall be listed as a distinct entry as described below. Error adding the item to cart.

BS ISO 22727:2007

An example can cite text to illustrate a point. If needed for cross-referencing purposes, mathematical formulae can be numbered in a document.

No requirements shall or any information considered indispensable for the use of the document, isl should or permissions may Footnote Are the definitions correctly drafted? It is reprinted with permission. Normally, footnote references are indicated using Iwo numerals. In terminology Note to entry OSHA Recordkeeping for Subfigures shall be identified by a lower case letter [e.

The status of the annex informative or normative shall be made clear by the way in which it is referred to in the text and shall be stated under the heading of the annex. The date of publication shall be indicated by the year or, for documents for which more than one edition of the document or an element within the document will be published in the same calendar year, the year of publication and the month and, where necessary, the day.

Photographs and other media may be used if ios is not possible to represent the concept as a line drawing.

A footnote can appear anywhere within the text of a document apart from terminological entries. Losses of analytes are possible.

See also IEC They are there to inform and guide, sometimes to warn, but always constituting an aid for us, as we go about our daily business. These blocks shall be separated from each other by a separator, for example a hyphen.


The Normative references clause lists, for information, those documents which are cited in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of the document. Specification for graphical symbols isi a computer sensible form, including graphical symbols for a reference library, and requirements for their interchange.

Measurement and test methods specify the procedure for determining the values of characteristics or for checking conformity to stated requirements. Whenever possible, requirements shall be expressed in terms of performance rather than design or descriptive characteristics.


Specific aspects which can modify or supplement the common aspects and therefore cannot stand alone shall be given in separate individual parts. The numbering restarts for each new figure. The names of organizations, and their abbreviated forms, shall be is as used by those organizations, in English, French or Russian. Such documents shall not include requirements related to ixo assessment other than requirements which are necessary to provide repeatable and reproducible conformity assessment results.

Such undated references are understood to include all amendments and revisions to the referenced document. These include references given to items in documents, in catalogues, in written communications, in technical and scientific literature, in the ordering of goods, materials and equipment and in the presentation of goods on display and for sale.

NOTE The introductory text is not a hanging paragraph see The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.


Is there a key if necessary? Mixing symbols and names of units. Note 1 to entry, Note 2 to entry, etc. Limiting values of strictly local importance shall not be included 222727 a document.