Discussion and development of the “Itanium” portable C++ ABI used by many major C++ implementations. – Itanium C++ ABI. The Itanium ABI (which GCC uses) may specify these things (as within specifying ranges) Most types’ size and alignment is specified in the Intel System V ABI. Virtual Table Layout General A virtual table (vtable) is a table of information used to dispatch virtual functions, to ac.

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Application binary interface ABI. We do not fully achieve this objective. These values may be positive or negative. Specify location of unwind tables. However, inside D objects, A is no longer a primary base of C, so if we allowed calls to C:: Move bitfield allocation description much modified to the non-virtual-base allocation description. Since those symbols do not exist in the C runtime library e. Function types are composed from their parameter types and possibly the result type.

The first byte i. The VTT parm isn’t mangled, either. The first is the constant adjustment to the nearest virtual base of the full objectof which the defining object is a non-virtual base. This tradeoff was made because the space savings resulting from not requiring construction virtual tables to occur in complete groups was considered more important than potential sharing of virtual pointers.

One workaround for this is not to use ‘alias’ at all in which the method names typically need to be capitalized in C and Fortran. The encoding is formalized as a derivation grammar along with the explanatory text, in a modified BNF with the following conventions: This includes class type parameters passed wholly or partially in registers. Views Read Edit View history. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

On Itanium, this can be done by using a ld1. The actual content of the return register is unspecified. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Essentially two forms of method exist in Objective-Cthe class “static” methodand the instance method. Added array operator new section. Added Vague Linkage section. The second destructor, called the deleting destructor, calls delete after destroying the object.


The mangled name for a method func calculate x: This section specifies the contents of the f entry in the A-in-B virtual table.

Its allocation is similar to case 2 above, except that additional candidate offsets are considered before starting at dsize C.

Different compilers have implemented this in various itnium, and no standardization has occurred. The use of the word “exact” in the quote is exaggeration. Such a symbol is known as a selector.

c++ – To what extent does the Itanium ABI really specify padding and alignment? – Stack Overflow

Revise inheritance graph order definition. The virtual table contains a function pointer pointing to the non-adjusting entry point for A:: No inherited virtual functions. Add alternate to construction vtable proposal. When a virtual function is invoked via a virtual base, but has been overridden in a derived class, the overriding function first adds a fixed offset to adjust the this pointer to the virtual base, and then adds the value contained at the vcall offset in the virtual base to its this pointer to get the address of the derived object where the function was overridden.

The differences are mostly due to the fact that virtual base classes can now have nearly empty primary bases: The offset of a non-virtual base subobject in the full object containing it must be representable by a bit signed integer due to RTTI implementation. More elaboration of construction virtual table. That is, secondary VTTs are present for all bases with virtual bases including the virtual bases themselves, which have their secondary VTTs in the virtual VTT sectionand secondary virtual pointers are present for all bases with either virtual bases or virtual function declarations overridden along a virtual path.

There is an entry for any virtual function declared in a class, whether it is a new function or overrides a base class function, unless it overrides a function from the primary base, and conversion between their return types does not require an adjustment.


E” construct is used to describe a qualified name. Let B and D denote the classes, where D is derived from B.

Name mangling

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If iranium class has a non-virtual destructor, and a deleting destructor is emitted for that class, the deleting destructor must correctly handle the case that the this pointer is NULL. Allow expressions as array type dimensions 5. All substitutable components are so numbered, except those that have already been numbered for substitution.

If the operand of a sizeof or alignof operator is not instantiation-dependent it is encoded as an integer literal reflecting the result of the operator. Please improve it by verifying the claims bai and adding inline citations.

Note that a vtable has offset-to-top and RTTr entries for classes with virtual bases even if there are no virtual functions. This section needs expansion.

In the special case where the parameter type has a non-trivial copy constructor or destructor, the caller must allocate space for a temporary copy, and pass the resulting copy by reference below. Text beginning with ‘ ‘ is comments, to be ignored.

Meta-data about these features can be disambiguated by mangling decorating the name of a symbol. For example, Ittanium code can use ‘alias’ to link against a C method by name as follows:. Even these cases can fail if the compiler makes use of implementation-defined library interfaces to implement runtime functionality without explicit user reference, e.