The Children Of Mu has ratings and 5 reviews. Elif said: Kayıp Kıta Mu kitabında da olduğu gibi bu kitapta da daha çok fantastik düşünce yoğunluktayd. It was made in either Mu or in the Uighur Capital City over 20, years ago. THE CHILDREN OF MU BY JAMES CHURCHWARD AUTHOR OF “the lost. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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I have yet to examine any jumbled together or disturbed strata that could not be duplicated by the falling of a flat roof of sufficient thickness and depth to fall. My discoveries in this region of the carved Stone Tablets which are at- tracting so much attention in the scientific world, origi- nated as follows: Instead of enduring an Ice Agethe present Gobi Desert was then a fertile land holding great cities, including the Uighur capital Kara Khota, now buried beneath 40 to iames feet of sand and gravel.

The Children of Mu: James Churchward: : Books

Books and writings of the ancient Egyptians. This I presumed to have been Atlantis and have so marked it.

He must come to them knowing their language and their alphabet. This excellent book presents an alternative history of humanity that makes so much more sense to me than that taught in our schools and universities. Subsequently, another great volcanic convulsion took place on the other side of At- lantis. An Easter Jamew composite figure having a bird’s head and an egg in its hand.


The diffusion of flora and fauna iii these far-flung islands is one of the undeniable arguments for the existence of a Mu. Before the gas belts were formed, wherever an old gas chamber was blown out the land above went down and was submerged.

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James Churchward

Cayce Readings derived from accessing Akashic Records cover both civilizations. The number lo was the numeral of The Creator, and looked upon as being too sacred to be spoken.

This tepetate rock is found not only in the valley itself but high up on the mountainsides which surround it. Everything about them is dwarfed, the rooms are small and the ceilings low. There are many legends relating to her advent but they are all symbolic.

On the west of Mexico underneath the ocean three parallels or divisions of this gas belt are shown. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

So, does traditional science leap at the chance to correct arbitrary age-fixing of antiquities now proved wrong? Boulders and stones, gravel and sand were churchwarv in huge drifts, over the N. They were her children, who withered and died without her care. When the gas belt formed it raised this stretch of land into mountains, sending their tops above water level. The Carians still persist along the Central American States.

The Children Of Mu by James Churchward

There is no “right” answer; they came from everywhere! And where did the lemur get its name?

Two facts had to be faced: Geological phenomena throughout the world confirm the fact that mountains are of recent origin. I saw it only for a few seconds. The existence of Mu was already being disputed in Le Plongeon’s time. According to Mahikari teachings in Japan also called “Mioshie” which are based on Shintoism, Japan was once part of the continent of Mu, which stretched across the Pacific five or six thousand miles from east to west, and 3, miles north to south.


The number of limbs found on these figures varies from none to four. Psychic hunches are not welcome in the lab. The Mysterious Writing and the Mexican tablet are written in the old temple esoteric numeral writing, while the A U M is written in alpha- betical Hieratic symbols, thus: This they crossed and found themselves at the mouth of a river.

A group of tablets symbolizing the Dual Principle of the Creator. Currently scientists dismiss the concept of Mu and other alleged lost continents such as Lemuria churxhward physically impossible, arguing that a continent can neither sink nor be destroyed in the short period of time required by this premise.

Many of his findings, once ridiculed, have been proven and cross-proven; notch data is still being debated. Dates in cuildren book, whenever given, are based upon astronomical charts found engraved in ancient writings. Their shapes are very irregular, their sizes equally so. The Spaniards who invaded and conquered South America came from the south of Spain where everything partook of a Moor- ish atmosphere and they themselves were half Moors in all of their conceptions.

As will be seen by the accompanying map, there was a clear unimpeded all-water route fom the Chrchward to Africa and Asia Minor by way of the Amazonian Sea. Write a customer review.

The Children Of Mu

He also gives this same route for the Naacal tablets, from which both Zoroastrian and Osirian religions sprang, so both statements about Moses mesh. Thompson reported a race churchwxrd light-skinned, blue-eyed ” Ulnwcas” landed near Tampico, often called Chanes or Canob. This indicates a destruction of some sort.