James Lovelock will go down in history as the scientist who changed our view of the Earth from a barren rock covered with a thin coating of life. In The Revenge of Gaia, bestselling author James Lovelock- father of climate studies and originator of the influential Gaia theory which views the entire earth as. The Revenge of Gaia: Why the Earth Is Fighting Back—and How We Can Still Save James Lovelock, Author, Crispin Tickell, Foreword by.

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View all 31 comments. The consequence of this will be further climate warming which may lead to even less DMS production and further climate warming.

The Revenge of Gaia

For these areas, I believe the author is using a bottom-up view rather than a top down view, which he repeatedly stresses as the reason for others not understanding his Gaia theory. This may have an element of truth to it, but it ignores the fact that pesticides are a Sisyphean, not cost-effective method of reducing pests that also happens to poison the environment.

But given the rate at which we are rushing pell-mell to disaster, I cannot blame Lovelock. We are a ‘plague of people’, he says, an infestation that has wrecked Earth. Now, confusingly, I read that radioactivity isn’t so bad for you after all. Lovelock never espouses in this book the doomsday recklessness he is supposed to in that interview. Critical reception Whilst the radical views proposed by Lovelock in The Revenge of Gaia are one of the books strengths, naturally they can also be its weakness due to the controversy they can muster.

He acknowledges that we have already set the ball rolling on this, and that it would be nearly impossible for us to hold it back now. Lovelock is a very serious scientist, Gaia is a useful metaphor for the whole-earth biosphere not some modern goddessand there are many ideas here that I highly recommend this book. Besides he says we breathe oxygen which is a carcinogen every day.

However, there is a marked difference between a singular act of violence and a systemic flaw in social structure that allows for destruction on a pathological scale. He offers a lot of ideas, some that have been developed but not implemented, and others that are still in the realm of science fiction, but may be realistic if adapted accordingly. James Lovelock’s perspective is similar to that of Derrick Jensen in many ways, though the men and their personalities are vastly different.


In panic, the settlers contact Earth, only to find their own home world, and all the other planets mankind has colonised, are being similarly assailed. Nature has suffered enough indignities at our hands. He is suggested what he calls a “powered landing,” in which we use the resources of technology to carefully and intentionally reduce civilization to a sustainable, 1 billion member level.

As Lovelock argues, “Whatever form future society takes it will be tribal, and hence there will be the privileged and the poor”. I never believed this and never believed in the private ownership of land. I am a bit of a tree hugger but on the other hand its become blatantly obvious that the globalist scumbags who cause most of the environmental problems have co-opted much of the environmental movement.

Lovelock advocates that the only way to save our planet is to generate electricity by nuclear power. Lovelock dismisses biomass fuels, wind farms, solar energy and fuel cell innovations as technologies unlikely to mitigate greenhouse gases in time to save the planet.

The Revenge of Gaia by James E. Lovelock

The barbarism of human extinction and planetary ruin, or the ‘barbarism’ of Lovelock’s vision: It totally makes sense that they would do this because those of us with a clue know how they always try to control both sides.

Used this way, the idea went on to help scientists sharpen their predictive powers, particularly over climate change. This is, again, similar to what Jensen argues, except that Jensen seeks “primitivism. Want to Read saving…. But he assures us that there were none. He is known for proposing the Gaia hypothesis, in which he postulates that the Earth functions as a self-regulating system.

This means that in order to get off fossil fuels immediately, we need to implement all of the large-scale replacements we can. Methane is a revehge house gas and, as the author has stated, lasts in the atmosphere a lot longer than Carbon Dioxide. It is running a fever born of the combination of a sun whose intensity is slowly growing over millions of years, and an atmosphere whose greenhouse gases have recently spiked due to human activity. Tribal behaviour is surely written in the language of our genetic code, or why else would we as a mob or a crowd do the evil things that only psychopaths would do alone.


Rather, we are programmed by American Idol to turn a blind eye to our misdeeds. If consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, then Lovelock is surely a giant here.

Not that bad, he says. Though himself acknowledging that population growth isn’t the sole or gai main jmes of environmental change, that the problem isn’t how many people there are but how they live, and that at the present moment there is tremendous inequality in what those lives off like – without anywhere else to turn perhaps a turn to socialism would upset the Goldsmiths and Lovelock’s neighbourshe joins Attenborough and others in calling for population to be limited, in Lovelock’s case to between a billion and half a billion people.

It’s this kind of narrow minded attitude to others ideas that means we’ll never come to the consensus needed to get out of this mess. I completely agree with the Gaia theory; all things on earth are a part of one system and that there are checks and balances as the earth tries to keep things in check.

Observer review: The Revenge of Gaia by James Lovelock | Books | The Guardian

While Lovelock’s Gaia Theory is still in my opinion flawed because he isn’t careful enough to define what he means by Mother Earth having a goal, I agia think that anyone wanting to understand life on earth as a big interconnected system would benefit from this relatively quick read. Retrieved from ” https: A New Look at Life on Earthintuitive originator of the theory that the world is a self-regulating system that, over the eons, has been able to sustain an equilibrium between hot and cold so as to support life.

The planet fights back.

Return to Book Page. Buy this book It is recommended that you purchase The Revenge of Gaia from a reputable bookseller such as Amazon. I think any scientist is going to run the risk of causing a stir when they mix well thought out theories and scientific facts with personal opinions and gripes.

I personally saw some of the displaced, the refugees, did you Mr. And if much of the world’s land becomes uninhabitable and unsuitable for farming byLovelock will look like a wise sage who was foolishly unheeded.