Series: Heavenly, book #3 Published: October 1st by Grove Creek Publishing Details: Paperback pages My Rating: 4/5 My Summary. Absolution by Jennifer Laurens. Absolution: Zoe’s secret is out. And the powers of Hell are ravenous to claim her soul. Her brother, Luke, knows. Title: Absolution Author: Jennifer Laurens Category: Paranormal/Fantasy Pub. Date: 10/10/ Publisher: Grove Creek Publisher Format: e-.

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I felt it dealt with with the family issues and addiction in an honest way. It seems as if Krissy will play a bigger part here, but how? To read more of my review: A partir de ese momento, la historia entre ellos se desarrolla, al principio con dudas por parte de Zoe que lo considera peligroso, hasta que es inevitable dejar de sentir lo que ambos sienten.

It was a beautiful jennkfer fitting end, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. For me this is so much more than being a love story it is more of a message on how you should treat others and live your life. She knows this because she’s an indie author and knows how many copies have actually sold.

That special someone who is so perfect, they’re almost unrealistic.

But personally, I liked it because it justifies everything. I also did not want this book to stop.

A Simple Love of Reading: Absolution by Jennifer Laurens

Lucus, Zoe’s 16 year old brother, was someone who seemed ignorant and quote cowardly but I liked reading about him. Zoe is apparently dating Weston, but is also still in love with Matthias. But in the beginning Zoe just came off First I wanna say a special thanks to Jennifer Laurens for giving my this copy for review. Zoe has really matured and blossomed and she deals with everything that bombards her in such a loving and awesome way.


For some jenniger I always find it really difficult to write reviews for Jennifer’s Heavenly series. Ok, where to start? Of course Zoe loves Abria but the reader also gets to witness the frustrations and overwhelming situations Zoe is put through time and time again.

And of course, Matthias is absolutely heavenly. Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens has been a book Jennifr have eagerly been anticipating to read. If you have read my reviews of Heavenly and Penitence, you will see that this series has touched me on a very personal level and I think that is the reason I stumble when I am writing the reviews.

Jennifer Laurens

So please, give it a look and see if you like it…. Albert comes and tries to take her soul. The whole plot was like Zoe and Weston’s love story with an occasional Matthias as a third wheel.

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to find another book like this.

This is a series that I will be pulling from my shelves, repeatedly, for many years to come. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. I will miss the family very much and they will always hold a dear place in my heart. From the author of Parallel comes a high-stakes romantic puzzler set in a near-future where RSS Feed Subscribe to my feed. It is a love story that pushes the boundaries that surround its characters. Most surprisingly for me was the way I felt about Weston through this book.

As usual I have no clue where the plot will take me. And the book is out of print. Jun 29, Liz rated it it was amazing. In this story we follow 17 year old Zoe, who has turned to drinking and partying as an escape from reality.



That’s what reading this book was like for me. How did I feel about the families choices they made A freaking state ran home. But that is exactly what Jennifer Laurens has done.

Zoe has it tough, I don’t know how it is to have an autistic family member but through Zoe’s eyes I can see that it is not easy. Want to Read saving…. Matthias is also faced with certain decisions to make. Jennifer finds it interesting that An Open Vein has ratings and yet less than people have read that particular book.

Zoe, the main character of this book and narrator, is an amazing young woman. In this book, many things worked out.

As much as I wanted to make Mathias human or Zoe an angel so that they laurns be together. Anyone who looks through my shelves, or even just glances at my profile can see I absolutely love angel books.

I found myself torn between reading the next book, and saving it uennifer later, when I’m emotionally stable again. Zoe sees how stressful her younger sister can be on her parents so she tries to alleviate some of that stress by tending to Abria.

It is a universal symbol. Absolution had everything that I hoped for and more!

Absplution was the problem. She never would have thought that all she needed were the feelings of peace, comfort and warmth that Matthias could give to her.