Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description. Jack Holloway works alone, for Fuzzy Nation – Kindle edition by John Scalzi. Download it once . Fuzzy Nation seeks to bring a 21st century storytelling sensibility to a half-century -old genre classic, and it succeeds far more wildly than I imagine even John. Yes, Fuzzy Nation is a book that is a reimagining of story and events of .. John – I read online elsewhere that Fuzzy Nation is actually in the.

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The only Fuzzy books that will be published under my name are the ones I actually write and at this point, there is only one of those. Now, after years of development starting with H. Did we ever hear what breed of dog Carl is? Then I find out it’s been remade, by Scalzi no less. The wit on display here is essential Scalzi, as anyone who’s read such books as Zoe’s Tale and The Android’s Dream or his blog will catch immediately.

Very few people were cut and dry, most had layers and I changed my mind about a few people I thought I’d written off or vice versa. Other than that, the characters are likable and fallible, and the pacing is done well.

In this particular case, while Little Fuzzy is in the public domain, the characters from that book are also in sequels by the author which are under copyright. Scalzi makes much more of this discovery in Fuzzy Nationand places it squarely at the center of the dramatic nwtion that develops. If ZaraCorp wins, they’ll have nothing scapzi the least useful ntion of dirt and shrubbery left.


I never read the original story Scalzi drew inspiration from H. The world building was very cleverly and effortlessly done. Then, in the wake of an accidental cliff collapse, Jack discovers a seam of unimaginably valuable jewels, to which he manages to lay legal claim just as ZaraCorp is cancelling their contract with him for his part in causing the collapse.

Some Useful Clarifications About Fuzzy Nation

View all 8 comments. They’re both good, and neither takes away from the other. Fuzzy Ergo Sum is not a piggy-back on Mr. I would reason to guess that his family is pretty happy you are doing this.


This is probably pretty common. He was, after all, formerly a lawyer. Mature genres may be done saying something new, but now they are having fun reshaping the familiar into exciting new designs. He has the mind of a Wall Street quant – able to think three steps ahead in a multidimensional game, but he hides this most valuable asset. If you’re a fan of science fiction, you know that stories from the visual media – TV and movies especially – get rebooted from time to time.

Holloway discovers a rich seam of very rare sunstones that will quickly make him a profitable man. Unfortunately there were nothing else.

But there are the rare occasions where the modern approach to a classic story manages to fit the material ideally. This is the first I’ve encountered.

May 09, Cathy rated it really liked it Shelves: Other books in the series. Here is not dense narrative prose. Besides — fiction draws on fiction all the time. Wells, IMHO, although I know that can be arguedscience fiction has truly entered another era – the fine-tuned HD voice which has assimilated everything from before and is now rebooting it all in extrapolated creativity and knowing mockery, yet underlying it still is a serious moral adventure.

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Is Scalzi’s reimagining of an sf classic the forerunner of a new age where book execs go the route of Hollywood and commission people to rewrite old books instead of writing original ones? At the same time, he encounters a curious form of life – or rather, it encounters him. John Scalzi is SO good at this!

Some things don’t age well and I really had the impression I was going to be reading a story with Ewoks in it.

Fuzzy Nation – Wikipedia

Then a small furry biped—trusting, appealing, and ridiculously cute—shows up at Jack’s outback home. I haven’t read Piper’s novel or forgot it if I ever did, so I can’t make any comparisons.

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