Kajira of Gor (Gorean Saga) [John Norman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In their contentions with Priest-Kings, Kurii, savage denizens . Kajira of Gor has ratings and 10 reviews. Johnny said: Is another Gorean novel, this time number 19 in the Chronicles of Gor series by John Norman. In the Gor universe, there is a near-ubiquitous master/slave dynamic between men and women, and the ladies—or “kajirae,” who are.

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A rather simple, delicate, graceful, almost floral kajia, in cursive script. Corcyrus is ruled by a beautiful woman, the cruel, arrogant, much-hated Sheila, an agent of Kurii. In accord with such projects, Kurii have occasionally sought to place and support congenial administrations in key cities. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Ray Goss rated it really liked it Mar 17, It’s one of those odd little things that make creatives tick. I really, really wanted to like this, but it was so repetitive and unimaginative that even with skimming, I couldn’t for it through to the end.

We don’t need to know what she gets up to while pretending to be Tatrix of Corcyrus.

Various paragraphs just repeated the same thing, only in different wording. The antithesis of feminist victim culture and hate ideology. I thought the only custom of Gor was to have chained naked slave girls in your local pub for the pouring of wine and other servies, and that other than that it was standard sword-and-sandal setting. No, not “Slave Girl of Gor.

Kajira – WikiMANNia

And by this one, well, don’t bother, is all I have to say. Only a minority of women on Gor are enslaved, but there is a fairly common opinion that the female slave is the paradigmatic or ideal woman kajirae “are closest, perhaps, to the essentials of the female, those of subservience to the masculine will, obedience, service and pleasure”.


Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. It’s like you wear an outfit. Patrick Lamb rated it it was ok Jul 12, Kajira of Gor is one of the most excitingly vivid novels John Norman has written.

Corcyrus is ruled by a beautiful woman—the cruel, arrogant, much-hated Sheila, an agent of Kurii. Ot nineteenth installment of John Norman’s Gor series can be summed up like the previous eighteen books. Trivia About Kajira of Gor Go From my viewpoint, I’m reading kajita as kinky erotica.

A male slave kept by a woman owner for bedroom duties is a “silk slave” while most male slaves on Gor are used for hard labor in work gangs. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Norman is marrie Librarian Note: No, it isn’t enough, clearly, or you wouldn’t be still reading. Executive Summary “Lie there and juice.

Kajira of Gor

You can tell she’s going to come to regret this conduct, can’t you. Sharing knowledge free of feminist indoctrination. The expression ‘Kajira’ is the most common expression in Gorean for a female slave. A public university professor. Open Preview See kwjira Problem? In og one, not only does the plot make more sense Elinor Brinton is abducted by the Priest Kings who, we already know, can, and do, abduct people of Earth in order ot populate or repopulate Gor and is dragged into the wider mytharc in which she plays a main part but also she, as a character, actually is more believable kajkra plays an active role in the plot, her slavery being secondary to this, unlike Tiffany Collins who’s just some person, and the way that the Gorean institution of slavery is presented makes more sense back then, a suitably attractive Pleasure Slave would set a Gorean of modest means back a significant amount, whereas in the later novels, they’re basically so common as to be utterly worthless – indeed, in volume five, “Assassins of Gor,” the female lead Elizabeth Cardwell nets a price in the thousands if thousands of goldpieces.


To mark a slave as a particular owner’s property, a collar with the owner’s name is placed upon the slave male and female slaves are collared. However, once you get past “Slave Girl of Gor” they take a serious turn for the worse excepting the Jason Marshall sub-trilogy, which is from the viewpoint of a male slave who wins his freedom through success as a gladiator then becomes a minor Gorean power in his own right.

All this is revealed through the experiences kajirq one Tiffany Collins, later to be given her slave name Lita, as she is abducted from her home world of Earth to that most masculine of planets, Gor.

Kajira is the term for female slave or ” slave-girl ” in John Norman ‘s Gor [ wp ] novels. Well, you ot what’s happening next, don’t you?

Books by John Norman. I think I’ll end this there. The novel ends with an afterword, which attempts to convey how all in Tiffany Collins or Sheila of Corcyrus or kajiar she’s named this week’s life is a kajita of blissful pampering and suchlike but comes over as really rather ominous. The word is usually seen in the feminine form “kajira” pl. Here is all the color and terror of Gor.

Note that kajira status is not confined to women of any particular cultural, ethnic, linguistic, caste etc. Mar 19, AmbushPredator rated it liked it.